Bespoke service management to facilitate the colocation journey

Our premium-build data centres are a given – it’s our approach to client service that really raises the bar.

Lifecycle services – everything covered

Our services are designed to take away many of the headaches that project teams and other third parties often face as part of the larger solution around their colocation installation. In essence, they enable clients to have a one-stop go-to person for everything colo-related throughout their colocation experience.

When prospective clients first sit down with members of our team to discuss our solutions, one of the first things they comment on is our overall approach. Our service-enhanced colocation label is not just a phrase; it is the embodiment of what makes Datum tick – our key differentiator.

Let’s talk

As a provider of pure-play colocation services, we believe that by focusing on what we do best, we can provide a level of service that is unparalleled in the industry. We understand, however, that our clients require more than just colocation services; they need services throughout their entire colocation lifecycle. That’s why we have built an ecosystem of partners that are available to provide complementary services to our clients as and when they need them – from cloud-based solutions and network connectivity to security services.