Enterprise grade colocation

Flexible and bespoke colocation solutions to meet the needs of enterprise clients and service providers.

Colocation for every need

Whether you are an enterprise looking for a platform for your business-critical IT, or a service provider looking for a UK data centre from which to provide your services, our colocation solutions allow you to leverage our infrastructure and expertise whilst focusing on your core business operations.

Our flexible colocation options range from edge pods and quarter racks to dedicated caged areas or fully customised IT suites for additional levels of control. Whilst startups or edge computing clients often seek base entry solutions, clients with larger requirements typically opt for a dedicated caged environment incorporating a range of additional data centre security options from standard digital combination locks to full access control systems with multi-factor authentication cages.

Our suites can also be custom designed from the ground up to accommodate specific requirements such as bespoke power, cooling and security. Our colo solutions always maintain a focus on maximising the energy efficiency of our facilities to best serve every client.

Let’s talk

Discover the power of customisation and the true value of our client-centric approach. We understand that your business is one-of-a-kind, and we excel at tailoring our colocation services to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to discover how we can help you.

Flexible contracts and scalability

Businesses that run their own in-house data centre need to allocate significant long-term capital investment. They also have to cover the estate, fabric and maintenance of the building and have complete responsibility for all aspects of the architecture, power, connectivity and ongoing maintenance.

By migrating IT infrastructure and workloads to our data centres, businesses pass these concerns over to us; we assume responsibility for rack space, cooling, humidity control, security, redundant power and options for internet and cloud connectivity.

This switch from a high CapEx investment to an OpEx model has obvious financial benefits and operational advantages. And, importantly, it allows businesses to scale their solutions based on evolving business requirements. Flexibility and transparency are key elements of our service – no hidden costs and no rigid contracts. This gives our clients the peace of mind that they can flex their contracts up or down based on changing requirements.

Maximum performance, minimum environmental impact

It is not enough to simply meet the needs of businesses without considering the impact on our planet. We understand the importance of responsible growth and are constantly seeking ways to provide reliable data centre services while minimising our environmental footprint. That’s why our purpose-built data centres use renewable energy, boast state-of-the-art infrastructure and energy-efficient cooling, providing a sustainable solution for our clients as they pursue their ESG goals.

All data centres are not the same

The ‘Datum Difference’

We offer a colocation solution that is uniquely aligned to clients’ needs and desired outcomes, both now and in the future. In some cases, this might mean providing flexible contracts where capacity can be increased or reduced as workloads are moved around (perhaps as part of a digital transformation project); in others it might simply be a case of arranging access to the data centre for clients, as and when required, and leaving the rest up to them.

Our service-enhanced colocation is exemplified by our bespoke service offering, our dedicated engineering team, our proactive and insightful reporting, and our bespoke account management. This invaluable service has proved its worth to our clients several times over, assisting and enabling a smooth transition into the data centre from pre-contract, through to deployment and beyond.

Our clients

Our service-enhanced secure colocation is trusted by an impressive and growing client list of organisations across a number of key industry sectors, including companies from the FTSE 250 and Fortune 500. As a proven platform for digital transformation, we have a track record of supporting enterprise clients as they embark on revitalising their IT to meet market and competitive demands:

  • Flexible contracting to support digital transformation
  • In-house service management and engineering support
  • Enterprise grade build and operations

To ensure our clients receive maximum benefit from their colocation infrastructures, we offer a range of lifecycle services that support their installations throughout the life of the contract.

We are the perfect colocation partner for IT service providers of all specialities, including managed service providers, systems integrators, connectivity providers, cloud providers, ISVs and SaaS businesses who need a data centre provider on which they can rely in order to effectively deliver their solution, support their clients and grow their business.

  • Transparency, regular reporting and reliability to support relationships with your clients
  • Reliable and responsive on-site technical support
  • Flexibility and scalability to flex in line with business demands
  • In addition to offering the security, power, cooling, fire protection and carrier neutral connectivity that service providers demand, Datum offers a range of services to support transition into the data centre and complement the solutions you may provide to your clients.

The team at Datum has been a breath of fresh air compared with our previous provider. The support team, when required, was easy to reach any time of the day. I would not hesitate in recommending Datum to any company requiring a premium class data centre.

Managing Director, Managed Cloud Solutions Provider