Responsible and sustainable IT hardware disposal

We help our clients by carrying out safe and sustainable hardware disposal.

Removing the burden of hardware disposal

Protecting sensitive data has become a prime necessity for any organisation in today’s digital age. When IT assets come to the end of their lives and require disposal, it is critical to ensure that any data stored on them is completely wiped out, and the hardware is disposed of in the proper manner. And this isn’t just a matter of data security – disposing of IT assets in an unsafe way can also lead to significant environmental damage. Through an adequately planned and safely executed disposal process, you can ensure that your IT assets and infrastructure are disposed of responsibly, safely and sustainably.

The importance of correct hardware disposal methods

The Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive aims to reduce the amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment generated and increase recycling and recovery rates.

It works to lessen the environmental impact of electronic waste by requiring that the disposal process follows specific rules to ensure the safety of users, including the secure disposal of sensitive data.

A common example is a failed disk containing important data. Many organisations don’t have the internal processes in place for the safe disposal of hardware and data and often enlist a third party to jettison it. The risk is that they don’t know what’s happened to it. If no audit trail is provided, they don’t know whether it was destroyed and disposed of safely. We take the asset (everything from a rack down to a memory chip), track what and whose it is, prepare it for disposal and provide proof of disposal of that asset. Recording the process enhances accountability, mitigates risks, and provides you with proof of process.

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Upon exploring IT infrastructure and hardware when planning a data centre move, it is not uncommon to come across redundant or outdated equipment that warrants replacement. This can be a burdensome process, but one that we make easy by taking the process out of our clients’ hands.