Taking the pain out of back up and workplace recovery

From physical back ups and remote dual-site solutions to office recovery suites, we’ve got your back.

Preventing data loss and downtime

In today’s digital age, data is an invaluable asset, and one that is constantly being created, modified and saved. There are countless ways that data can be lost so the importance of data back up cannot be overstated. Without a proper back up system in place, the consequences of such a loss can be devastating. A simple yet effective back up strategy can provide peace of mind and ensure that data is never permanently lost. We have back up specialists within our Datum partner ecosystem who can support our clients to get this vital function right.

Back up in all its forms

Physical back ups

Even though many organisations are moving towards cloud back up solutions, there are still many who rely on physical back up media, such as tapes. With the increase in data growth, it’s important to change back up tapes regularly to ensure sufficient back up storage capacity. We provide basic services such as back up tape change and physical media management for clients who require it.

Secure tape storage is essential to protect sensitive data. We offer secure tape storage services for clients who utilise physical back ups. Our storage facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, including 24-hour surveillance, access control, and climate-controlled environments to ensure the longevity of the tapes.

Dual-site solutions

Having a back up data centre is becoming increasingly important for companies to protect sensitive data. We help set up links between clients’ primary and secondary data centres, creating an active-passive setup where the secondary site acts as a back up. Alternatively, we can also set up an active-active setup where the workload is spread across two locations. This ensures that businesses can operate with minimal downtime in the event of a primary data centre failure.

Remote back up solutions

We have partners in our ecosystem who specialise in remote back up solutions. We offer several back up platforms for clients to access, allowing for remote data back up and disaster recovery. This is especially useful in situations where a natural disaster, cyberattack or equipment failure affects the primary data centre.

Office recovery suites

If circumstances force you from your premises, access to office recovery suites will allow you to re-create both your office and IT environment within hours so your critical operations can be up and running, with minimum disruption to your staff, customers and communications. We make it our job to know about all the available office recovery suites – not just the ones we own ourselves. This means we will happily recommend the right one for you rather than push you toward the location that we prefer.

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Through the complementary services provided by the partners in our Datum ecosystem, we help ensure that your business is always up and running, even in the most challenging situations.