Colocation options: colo in different shapes and sizes

From HPC to quarter racks, and everything in between, we partner with our clients to design their perfect colocation solution.

Build to suit: completely bespoke solutions from design to build

Build to suit projects are the perfect choice for enterprise clients looking for a bespoke, state of the art data centre solution that is tailored precisely to their needs. These typically involve constructing a customised space specifically for the client’s use. By their very nature, these solutions are completely bespoke, so the possibilities are endless, but our build to suit projects have included a range of features such as a caged secure data centre suite, secure data cable runs, a client office/monitoring centre, client-specific storage, dedicated client access, a dedicated secure client build room, separate CCTV systems and security patrols.

Colo solutions for every need

  • HPC-ready: keeping HPC projects running smoothly

    Whether powering AI, advanced research, financial modelling or deep learning algorithms, HPC plays an important role in driving innovation and progress both in business and in educational settings. With the increasing reliance on HPC, however, comes the critical need for resilient data centres to facilitate and protect this powerful technology. HPC requires reliable, robust data centres capable of handling the immense processing power offered by these systems. As such, organisations that rely on HPC must have access to resilient data centres that support HPC workloads if they hope to take full advantage of this cutting-edge technology, minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

  • Dedicated suites: safeguard mission-critical infrastructure

    Our dedicated data centre suites are specially designed facilities that offer bespoke security, power infrastructure and network connectivity to meet the needs of businesses and organisations with specific requirements, and allow clients to implement their own physical barriers, security and access systems. These suites provide a secure environment for businesses to store and process mission-critical data. Dedicated data centre suites provide the necessary infrastructure and support to enable businesses to meet their operational needs.

  • Ultra-secure cages: protect your sensitive data

    Our cages provide an ultra-secure, single tenant customised environment to meet clients’ specific requirements, ensuring that their valuable data is always protected. Utilising state-of-the-art technology and physical security measures, our secure data centre cages offer peace of mind to businesses requiring the highest level of physical protection.

  • Standard racks: maximising efficiency

    There’s not really such a thing as ‘standard’ at our data centres, and there are many options and variations to what we might define as a ‘standard rack’, but a popular and more standardised format includes:

    • A 46U server rack cabinet (600mm x 1200mm)
    • One spilt floor tile
    • One chimney
    • Two vertical risers
    • Up to 7kW 2N power and cooling
  • Foundation racks: entry-level colocation solution

    Our foundation racks are previously tenanted data centre cabinets or parts of cabinets. These options may occasionally be available if they fit a client’s requirements and are a more affordable option than ordering and installing a brand-new cabinet. Our foundation racks provide a great solution for those on a budget or looking to minimise costs. Rest assured, they are still of high quality and will effectively serve their intended purpose:

    • 2N power provision from incoming supply through to rack PDU
    • 100 Mbps of dedicated diverse IP transit included as standard/30 IP address range included
    • 3kW power and cooling as standard (additional available)
    • Fixed installation and monthly price
    • Includes two free cross-connects
  • Edge pods: quarter and half racks

    As the demand for instant access to data continues to grow, more businesses are turning to edge pods as a solution to their data centre needs. Offering a compact and efficient way to house servers, these quarter and half racks are becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes. Not only do they offer a cost-effective option for companies with limited IT budgets, but their modular design also allows for easy scalability and flexibility as business needs evolve:

    • 2N power provision from incoming supply through to rack PDU
    • 100 Mbps of dedicated diverse IP transit included as standard/30 IP address range included
    • 1kW/2kW power and cooling as standard (additional available)
    • Fixed install and monthly price
    • Includes two free cross-connects

Let’s talk

We understand that no two clients have the same requirements and that’s why we offer fully bespoke solutions that are tailored to fit their unique needs. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our ability to provide customised solutions that meet our clients’ unique demands.