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Shared opportunities, combined offerings and complementary services – the Datum ecosystem.

The Datum ecosystem

We specialise in providing industry-leading pure-play colocation from our London/south east and Manchester data centres. To augment and complement our colocation offering, we work with selected partners to provide additional services for our clients.

The companies in ‘Datum Connect’ offer a wide spectrum of services and business expertise and are a vital part of the Datum mix with at least 60% of our clients coming through partners who have either primed or referred the business for what have become highly referenceable end clients.

Some partners provide complementary solutions to support our clients in achieving their stated business objectives, and others benefit from referring or reselling our specialist and accredited colocation services.

By focusing, we excel

Our core proposition is to specialise in delivering carrier and service provider neutral data centre colocation to our clients. When our clients need other specialist services, Datum Connect is an ideal way of enabling them to discover colocated providers and Datum partners to mutual benefit—with the added speed, security and convenience of direct connections.

Being part of the Datum ecosystem means the potential for identifying shared opportunities, engaging in joint marketing and combining offerings.

Refer an opportunity

If you are a registered partner and uncover an opportunity to refer to Datum, please use the online lead referral form.

As a Datum Partner, you could benefit from a referral fee (either a one-off sum based on the first year’s annual feel, or a monthly percentage of the recurring fee for as long as the contract is in place), and the opportunity to extend your own solution offering.

To discuss the details or to talk about how to become a Datum partner, please call us on 0333 202 3195, email info@datum.co.uk or use the online form.

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Together we are stronger. Become part of the Datum ecosystem to benefit from shared business opportunities.