Police-assured facilities for blue light organisations

Supporting vital services

The blue light sector is the backbone of communities and plays a pivotal role in ensuring public safety and security. It is a sector that is heavily reliant on technological advancements to execute its duties effectively.

Emergency services, security agencies and other blue light organisations are entirely reliant on communication systems for effective coordination and response. Data centres are the cornerstone of communication systems as they provide the necessary support and storage for uninterrupted data transmission. Data centres ensure that vital services remain functional, critical information streams in real-time, and communications stay uninterrupted.

Protecting the organisations that protect the public

A top priority for the blue light sector. Data centres have an essential role to play in ensuring that data, systems and networks are safe and secure. As data centres store sensitive information, a breach in data security could have devastating consequences for the blue light sector.

The blue light sector is particularly vulnerable to system failures, natural disasters and other unforeseen emergencies that can lead to prolonged downtime or loss of critical data. In such scenarios, data centres play a crucial role in enabling organisations to resurrect and recover their systems promptly.

The blue light sector continuously records and analyses data, which is vital for decision making. Data centres aid in storing, analysing and processing data reliably and accurately, thereby assisting in performance tracking, resource optimisation and strategy enhancement. With data centre support, the blue light sector can access vast amounts of data about patterns, emergencies and crime hotspots, which can help predict future incidents and improve response times.

PASF (Police-Assured Secure Facilities) certified

Our Manchester data centres are PASF (Police-Assured Secure Facilities) certified. This means that our facilities have been physically assessed by the National Policing Information Risk Management Team (NPIRMT) of the UK Home Office and successfully certified to meet PASF security standards.

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Any infrastructure developments within the blue light sector have confidentiality and security at the top of the list of requirements and our highly secure facilities offer stringent processes, efficient operations and a flexible commercial approach that support the challenges faced by our clients.