Data centre security - our London and south east facilities

High security is our highest priority, keeping your business-critical data safe, 24/7.

Your data security is our business

Our London and south east data centres are set within the highly secure Cody Technology Park in Farnborough, part of a strategic London-edge colocation cluster.

A multi-layered approach to data centre security has been designed to meet the requirements of industry-recognised certifications including ISO 27001 and PCI DSS, which provides our clients with confidence in our ability to deliver a robust service.

Meeting the needs of highly regulated industries

Our security investments have attracted prestigious clients from across IT security and cyber security, defence, construction, finance and the public sector. Our solid approach to security supports our clients’ commitments to their customers and helps to ensure that our facility will meet and exceed the requirements of Tier 3 and above:

  • Campus security – 24/7 on site security and access procedures
  • Facility security – CCTV, multi-level access control, biometrics, intruder detection, alarm systems, key management
  • Fire security – fire extinguishant with double knock detection and VESDA early warning system
  • Controlled and regulated environment to reduce risk of malicious or accidental activity to the data centre or your installation
  • Support for highly regulated industries where security is key

Seeing is believing

Our data centres offer unparalleled data security. Our state-of-the-art security measures including intrusion detection systems and strict access controls safeguard our clients’ data against physical and cyber threats, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access sensitive data. Book a tour of our London and south east data centre facility and see our security measures for yourself.