Resilient colocation for the education sector

Data centres to underpin education

In recent years, the education sector has seen a significant increase in the use of digital technologies both in the back office and for student learning, to reflect the changing world and to support student and teacher expectations.

IT teams have had to address ways to manage these technologies securely and in line with GDPR and confidentiality regulations, and many are facing organisational changes in vision, objectives and circumstance (e.g. growth, mergers, moves) which demand an overhaul of their existing IT infrastructures to ensure they can meet the new demands.

Our flexible service-enhanced colocation provides:

  • Phased two-stage support for digital transformation projects and hybrid solutions
  • Enhanced service management to support internal teams
  • Contract flexibility to meet future needs
  • A platform for high density educational research

Colocation solutions to support learning outcomes

With the increasing amount of data being collected and analysed within the education sector, the need for reliable and secure storage has become increasingly essential. From student records to research findings, data centres have become an integral part of the education landscape, providing educators, administrators and students with fast and efficient access to important information.

Additionally, with the rise of online learning and remote education, the role of data centres has become even more critical for facilitating seamless communication and collaboration between educators and students. In short, data centres in the education sector have become an essential component for enabling efficient and effective teaching and learning.

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