Data centres for aerospace and defence

When security is paramount

For organisations in the defence sector, physical security and adherence to process are non-negotiable, but major technology trends such as AI, blockchain, cloud computing and IoT all bring additional potential cybersecurity challenges. In any aerospace and defence business, investment in the best technologies is crucial, but all operations also have to be carried out within tight financial constraints given the sensitive bottom line of taxpayers’ money.

Our highly secure and robustly resilient data centres, operated with our enhanced service management and flexible business model, have proved to be the solution of choice for our prestigious defence clients. We are experienced at working alongside our defence clients and their security accreditors to meet their specific standards.

Secure and resilient defence-grade solutions

Aerospace and defence organisations hold particularly sensitive and classified information so they require sophisticated security measures to safeguard their IT infrastructure, data centres and networks.

Comprehensive risk assessments, advanced network infrastructure security measures, data protection and recovery mechanisms and regular security audits, form a significant part of this security.

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Why you should talk to us

We have experience of working with defence sector clients where the security, resilience and efficiency of our data centre delivers a reliable, flexible platform. Contact us to discover how we have helped one major UK defence contractor to consolidate their disparate IT systems from outdated in-house computer rooms into our ultra secure premium build data centre.