Data centres for the energy sector

Fuelling the energy sector

The energy sector is undergoing changes in patterns of supply and demand, with competition arriving from new renewable sources and supplies. It is expected that traditional supply and demand patterns will be disrupted by new technologies, such as energy storage, while digital technologies will transform operations – IoT, customer self-service through mobile apps, and smart contracts. At the same time, the sector must abide by government policies and regulations, as energy assets become decentralised, smart and interconnected.

Digitisation has driven energy and utility organisations to review their IT infrastructure, undertaking digital transformation projects to increase competitiveness, efficiency and customer service.

A future-focused solution for the energy industry

Companies in the energy sector are turning to colocation services to reap the benefits of critical IT infrastructure supported by cost-effective and secure data centres. Given the importance of the industry’s operations, any downtime or IT malfunctions can have devastating consequences. Fortunately, our data centres and colocation facilities offer redundancy, security and expert support, ensuring that there is no loss of data integrity. Our colocation is:

  • Highly resilient and secure
  • Supports accreditation and compliance demands
  • Contract flexibility to meet future needs

Our colo in action – an IT transformation project for a major UK fuel supplier

A major UK fuel supplier wanted to deliver improved value from its IT investments. Having significantly expanded operations through a series of acquisitions and investments, the business was successfully positioned to take full advantage of underlying changes in the UK market and needed to ensure that its IT could fully support these objectives. The organisation’s diverse IT infrastructure was located on premises and, partly as a result of the acquisitions, was split across a number of locations.

Datum as the primary data centre

An IT transformation project was put in place to deliver improved value from the company’s IT investments. The scope was broad, encompassing information security, business continuity and IT DR, business process controls and production IT systems. A managed service provider was engaged to help develop an appropriate and defined IT strategy, technology roadmap and data centre strategy. The rolling programme was designed to ensure IT and platforms were aligned with the criticality of the business, with ongoing investment to ensure both IT systems and facilities were at the leading edge.

The production IT systems were to be hosted by a best-in-class data centre provider, and our Farnborough facility was selected for this, supplemented by a secondary DR facility appropriate to the scale of the business and accredited to relevant standards.

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