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21 June 2017

W’re rapidly moving beyond the days when traditional server rooms and small-scale data centre operations were sufficient.
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13 June 2017

More and more businesses are choosing to colocate. Here are Tim Anker's thoughts on what to look out for.
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30 May 2017

IT transformation projects frequently include modernising IT infrastructure. Here's how your data centre strategy should adapt
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22 May 2017

3 foundations to ensure your data centre strategy stands the test of time
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17 May 2017

Moving data centre isn’t a light decision, here's what IT think of moving data centres.
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15 May 2017

Data centre migration is a time where you need a heightened sense of awareness. Here are the questions you should be asking from colocation providers.
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09 May 2017

Datum Datacentres, the Farnborough based provider of ultra secure, high resilience co-location data centres, today announced that it has achieved ISO 14001:2015
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25 April 2017

Security, resilience, cooling and environmental controls are baseline tick boxes
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04 April 2017

With key infrastructure off-site in a co-located data centre, how can you manage and monitor critical IT infrastructure efficiently as well as remotely?
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22 March 2017

Moving your data centre is not a prospect that anyone looks forward to but sometimes you have to manage the challenges
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15 March 2017

Comprehensive Connectivity Service from Datum will enable you to connect between other data centres, your sites, and to the internet and cloud platforms
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04 March 2017

Datum launches new services closely related to our colo offering, making sure that you can get maximum benefit from your relationship with us