Sourcing zero carbon 100% renewable electricity for our data centres

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Why Bryt Energy?

As a data centre, we inevitably consume a lot of electricity to power our servers and cooling systems. We wanted to find an electricity supplier that could offer us a sustainable solution while still meeting our high energy demands.

Bryt Energy is part of the Statkraft group, a leading international hydropower company and Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy. Statkraft has over 125 years of renewable experience and spans across 21 countries, developing and operating renewable energy assets, buying and selling energy, and investing 100% of its growth into renewables.

Bryt Energy is a zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity supplier (compared to the UK average of 40.8% of electricity from renewable sources). Their most recent zero carbon, 100% renewable fuel mix comprises 76.4% from wind power, 21.2% from solar power, and 2.4% from hydro power. Bryt Energy’s products have been audited and verified by an independent third party, EcoAct, who have certified that their electricity supply is backed by guarantee of origin certificates (REGOs). This means that we can report our electricity consumption as zero carbon under the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol market-based method.

These REGOs demonstrate that we have procured renewable electricity to match our consumption volumes supplied via the National Grid transmission network and local distribution networks. This is currently the only official method for recognising renewable electricity supply in the UK, as mandated and operated by BEIS – now known as the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero – and Ofgem.

Why renewables – solar, wind and hydro power?

The beauty of solar, wind and hydro power lie in their ability to provide non-polluting energy, with the capacity to generate substantial amounts of electricity. They are also zero carbon and naturally replenishing, which helps us to reduce our impact on the environment compared to using fossil fuels:

  • Solar power harnesses the sun’s abundant energy and captures it on semiconducting materials in solar panels to create an electric current. This renewable source is not only inexhaustible but also avoids greenhouse gas emissions and our reliance on dwindling fossil fuel reserves.
  • Wind power harnesses the natural force of the wind to activate generators to produce electric power. Wind power is becoming increasingly cost effective with advances in technology.
  • Hydropower (or hydroelectric power) harnesses the kinetic energy of flowing or falling water and converts it into electricity. Additionally, hydropower plants often have dual purposes, such as providing water for agriculture and recreation while also contributing to flood control. As such, hydropower remains a critical player in the global transition towards renewable energy.

Ready to redefine sustainability in your IT infrastructure?

By switching to renewable electricity with Bryt Energy, we hope to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and encourage other businesses in our industry to do the same. As more companies make the switch to renewable energy sources, we can collectively reduce our impact on the environment and create a better future for generations to come.

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