Service-enhanced colocation: more than a property transaction

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Colo to the rescue

In the evolving landscape of IT infrastructure management, companies face escalating challenges in meeting their data centre needs. For small to medium-sized businesses, accessing the benefits of high-performance, world-class data centre facilities was historically out of reach. However, advancements in colocation services have bridged the gap, providing a lifeline to firms seeking to optimise their operations without incurring the substantial investments requisite for internal data centre builds.

Colocation has emerged as a pivotal strategy, one which allows companies to reap the rewards of shared data centre functionalities. By sharing space in a specialised facility, businesses can leverage the cutting-edge technologies, high-level security, and robust connectivity that a colocation provider like Datum offers.

The decision to entrust core IT infrastructure to a third-party data centre demands a critical evaluation of the service provision surrounding the physical location. It’s not merely a property transaction; it’s an integration of services and technologies tailored to enhance every facet of a business’s IT operations.

Unpacking the essentials of service-enhanced colocation

At the foundation of service-enhanced colocation is a commitment to extending the benefits of physical colocation to the realm of proactive client service and support. Our ‘service-first’ model is centered around an empathetic understanding of our clients’ perspectives – our business model was developed from experiencing colocation from the client side, and from knowing all too well what it is like to be kept in the dark.

Beyond infrastructure provision

Beyond simply leasing space within a data centre (enclave-style and operating in relative isolation), service-enhanced colocation transcends the mere provision of space; it’s a commitment to providing an ecosystem where each client enjoys not only a secure portion of the facility but also a suite of responsive, on-call support functions.

Trained service and engineering personnel are integral elements of the service-enhanced model. They extend the hand of partnership, offering technical insights, and administrative support. This collaborative approach ensures that clients remain thoroughly informed and empowered to manage their IT assets proactively.

Proactive service management

Central to the service-enhanced colocation framework is the concept of managing data centres, not just maintaining them. Regular, proactive maintenance, performed discretely in the background, shields clients from potential disruptions that could emanate from operational anomalies.

Furthermore, clients can be continuously updated on the status and performance of their assets through detailed reports and ongoing, real-time communication. This level of transparency and engagement is a departure from the conventional service models, allowing for a level of performance oversight that contributes to long-term strategic IT planning for the client.

Enabling business continuity

Imagine the scenario. It’s your peak trading season when revenue generation is key to ensuring survival for the rest of the year. Your network goes down. No warning. The Sales Director, the CFO, the CEO are all screaming. You call the data centre which does not pick up. You leave a voice mail. You have no-one to talk to. You have no idea what caused the issue. You have no idea when it will be sorted. You have no idea if anyone even knows there is an issue. The very stuff of nightmares.

It might be an extreme example, but it can happen. And it serves to illustrate the difference between simply leasing data centre space or entering into a service-enhanced colocation agreement. In the domain of service-enhanced colocation, such crises are pre-empted and expertly managed, ensuring that IT infrastructure is an enabler, not a liability.

Measuring the true value of service-enhanced colocation

By engaging a provider that integrates comprehensive service strategies into its colocation offering, businesses are equipped to manage their IT infrastructure as a dynamic and strategic asset.

Scalability and flexibility

A service-enhanced colocation model provides a level of scalability that is crucial for companies experiencing growth or contraction phases. This agility ensures that IT resources adjust in lockstep with organisational demands, avoiding overinvestment in infrastructure that may lie idle in less busy periods.

With the ability to scale server capacity rapidly, as well as to leverage cloud connectivity options within a sophisticated data centre environment, businesses can remain adaptable in a market increasingly defined by unpredictable dynamics.

Cost and resource optimisation

Service-enhanced colocation, when structured to complement operational processes, can yield significant cost efficiencies. The outsourced model reduces the financial burdens associated with building, maintaining, repairing, and upgrading infrastructure.

By redirecting a substantial portion of the IT budget from capital expenses to predictable operational ones, businesses can free resources for investment in core competencies and growth initiatives. And our focus on maintaining the operational efficiency of our data centres contributes to a stable, cost-optimised service structure.

Looking ahead: the strategic imperative of service-enhanced colocation

As businesses confront a future fraught with technological advancements and increasingly complex IT demands, the ability to adapt, scale, and maintain resilient IT environments is not merely a competitive differentiator – it’s a strategic imperative.

Beyond housing hardware - unlocking IT potential

Datum’s forward-looking approach to service-enhanced colocation paves the way for a new standard in data centre service delivery. It champions an ethos of collaboration, transparency, and relentless service enhancement that raises the bar for the entire industry. In this paradigm, it’s not just about housing your infrastructure; it’s about empowering you to leverage your IT assets to their full potential, secure in the knowledge that you’re supported by a partner that treats your business’s success as its own.