13th June 2018

Client success story: IT transformation in the engineering & construction industry

The scope of digital transformation projects can be difficult to comprehend without seeing how it works in action. The process can vary from client-to-client depending on their unique challenges and requirements. For some, digital transformation is about consolidating costs or improving management efficiencies of their IT, but for others, the focus is on bringing their IT systems up-to-date with more advanced, efficient technologies.

Here we look in detail at a recent case study, exploring the digital transformation project undertaken with a leading international infrastructure group.

The Challenge

Like many clients pursuing more efficient IT management, the key requirement was first and foremost to consolidate their disparate IT estate. Once this was achieved, they could then look at how this would fit into a long-term digital transformation strategy.

The purpose of the project was not just to create efficiencies within IT services by moving infrastructure, but more importantly to assess how this would support the move to a hybrid cloud solution. Understanding which key IT services needed to be reviewed was crucial to improve management internally and create greater efficiency between operations and strategy. 

What was needed?

Firstly, the client needed to establish more effective control over their IT estate. This required a major IT transformation strategy to consolidate their disparate estate and also utilise additional services with a view to moving to a hybrid solution.

Above all, a flexible solution was required that would allow the IT team to reallocate resources on short notice. To become more agile with their approach to IT management, the implemented plan started with a lift-and-shift from existing colocation providers, which preceded incorporating new connections and services such as Microsoft Azure and on-premise virtualisation – allowing the client to reutilise existing cloud infrastructure in a flexible way.

Datum’s Proposed Solution

The proposed solution was based upon power presentation rather than footprint. Allowing for a flexible model gave the client easy access to additional power whilst reducing the amount of space taken, without penalty and fallow charges.

In addition, the solution provided secure and direct access to multiple connectivity, cloud and managed service providers within the same facility. The client initially took 16 racks in early 2016, which has since grown by a further 12 racks to suit their growing requirements and business needs.

Datum supports the client’s ongoing commercial and operational flexibility by enabling:

  • The ability to flex both up and down over the lifetime of the contract in terms of power
  • A similar ability to flex up and down over the lifetime in terms of space and footprint
  • Short term access to additional space and power when required (for example for the client’s Virtualisation project)
  • Access to multiple cloud platforms & carriers

Unlike typical colocation partners, the Datum solution took into consideration the requirements of the business as a whole, advising in other areas where appropriate. By understanding that colocation is part of a longer transformation journey, the proposed solution solved the challenges they were already facing and took into account the future challenges for the IT team and the overall business objectives.

Ultimately what this allowed them was the space to grow and adjust the number of racks as required, as well as develop their IT resources by providing access to new services, platforms, and partners, many of whom now share the site with them.

Datum’s Concierge Approach

The added bonus for the client lay in Datum’s Concierge approach. This was particularly apparent over the weekend of the physical transition when the assistance of the Datum team was invaluable in ensuring a successful set up. The Datum Concierge approach on this and many other occasions has proven to be an invaluable element to the service – providing clients with much needed peace of mind throughout challenging periods of transition. The concierge service however is not merely a one-and-done offer. Datum now has an ongoing engagement with the client, providing support and advice when required to ensure long-term success.


Embarking on your own digital transformation project isn’t going to be daunting with the right colocation partner.


To get started, contact us today or learn more by downloading this guide.  

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