15th March 2022

What our top 10 Megabuyte Emerging Stars ranking means to us – and our clients

We are thrilled to have been ranked 8 out of 25 in this year’s Megabuyte Emerging Stars awards. To feature in the top 10 in such a prestigious ranking is a real honour, and places us amongst the very best of the UK’s tech scale-ups.

The Megabuyte100 awards celebrate the 100 best-performing technology companies in the UK, encompassing:

  • Megabuyte50 awards: privately-owned, mid-market companies
  • Megabuyte Quoted25 awards: quoted mid-market companies
  • Megabuyte Emerging Stars awards: scale-up technology companies, both public and privately-owned

What’s so good about the Megabuyte awards?

Megabuyte’s independence and rigour set it apart from other awards and have ensured their industry-wide recognition.

Megabuyte analyses the financial and corporate strategy of early stage, scale-up and mid-market companies in the UK tech and digital sectors, providing data, insights and expert analyst opinion on individual companies, their peer groups and broader sector trends.

The Megabuyte awards are wholly independent and are based on its proprietary Megabuyte Scorecard methodology, which assesses companies' performance against several key financial KPIs. The proprietary nature of their content, unavailable through other data or information providers, its independence, and focus on actionable insights have made Megabuyte an indispensable resource for the tech sector’s investors and advisers.

Rocketing to a top 10 Megabuyte rating

This isn’t the first time we have been nominated in the Emerging Stars category. We were nominated in 2020 and achieved a ranking of 17 out of 25. This year’s nomination and subsequent ranking of 8th out of 25 is an impressive improvement on our previous rating, and testament to our consistent growth and development. In fact, of the six returners to the Emerging Stars, we were the only company to climb up the ranking from our 2020 position.

“Being shortlisted for a Megabuyte Emerging Stars award is a vindication of our patient data centre revenue and profit growth strategy over the years, which also attracted UBS as an investor last year. We look forward to using this new investment to grow into the Megabuyte50.”

- Dominic Phillips
CEO, Datum Datacentres

Why Datum?

Partnering with a data centre can seem like a leap of faith. With so many factors to consider, it can be difficult to decide on the best data centre partner. Clients want an outstanding facility offering optimal security and, increasingly, their focus is on environmental efficiency. Companies want good relationships with the data centre team, the flexibility to expand or reduce their data centre footprint based on requirements, and the peace of mind that their IT equipment and workloads are in the best possible hands. Furthermore, they want to be able to call on engineering and service support whenever they need to. We have all this covered, and more:

Recognition like a top 10 Megabuyte ranking demonstrates to potential and existing clients that we live up to our promises and are a reliable and serious player in the data centre market. And there is more to come. We have always had ambitious growth plans, and these have been bolstered through our acquisition by UBS Asset Management in September 2021. UBS plans to pursue site expansion at our Farnborough facility, expansion that is already underway.

To find out more about our colocation data centre, get in touch or book a tour of our facility.

More information on our Megabuyte ranking can be found in the Emerging Stars Winning Companies' Report.

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