Our annual strategy day: a celebration of togetherness

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A great opportunity for everyone from both sites to come together to celebrate our achievements and bring us even closer as a team.

Last week we held our annual strategy day at the beautiful Ardencote Hotel in Warwick. It was a day that reminded us of the importance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving our goals as we get to grips with what still needs to be done (we have achieved a lot but acknowledge that there is still a lot more to do). And, importantly, it gave us an opportunity to bask in the progress we have made so far – including integrating two companies into one, developing a new brand and launching a brand-new website.

The order of the day

We kicked off the day with a company-wide session during which we reviewed our current position and heard from key people from sales, marketing, and operations who presented their challenges, progress and plans. It was also a chance for the board members to update us on company progress against their overall strategy, and for everyone to come together and celebrate the achievements that we have made together so far. After discussing our achievements over the past year, we moved forward to plan next year’s goals, including objectives, targets, and measures of success that would help us achieve these goals.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the two-hour indoor games tournament that followed – it was a real leveller! During this time, we truly saw everyone’s personalities shine through and a fiercely competitive spirit was revealed in some quarters – there was no hiding the drive and determination. The competition may have been fierce, but the atmosphere was friendly and it brought out the best in everyone. Ultimately, the blue team emerged victorious after dominating in the indoor curling, basketball hoops, and table football rounds, to name a few. In the true spirit of togetherness (the theme of the day), we tried not to focus too much on winners or losers – although people brandishing medals did make it hard to forget!

To wrap up the day’s activities, we enjoyed a meal where we could kick back and chat with each other informally. It provided us with an opportunity to strengthen bonds between colleagues who otherwise might not have interacted during work hours. As we toasted to a productive day, we couldn’t help but feel excited for what’s ahead. These meetups aren’t just about shaping the future of our company; they’re about strengthening connections and embracing our team’s dynamism.

For now, we will continue integrating the FRN and MCR teams and collaborating on projects and processes to so we can work as one amalgamated team across our two sites to create a stronger and more unified presence in the market. As a combined business, we can now offer our clients access to enterprise grade colocation in the two most economically active regions of the UK — the south east and the north west — along with a range of additional services including high performance active-active cloud, in-house engineering services, and service management and support — all from our environmentally efficient, carrier neutral data centres, which have been designed to optimise our clients’ business growth and help their businesses achieve their ESG goals.

Finding out more

If you’re considering colocation options for your business, there’s no better time to get in contact. We’re excited to be building two new data centres to cater to growing demand. The construction of the new MCR facility is underway, promising cutting-edge infrastructure and services. Planning is approved for our new FRN facility on our existing site, so construction will begin on that soon. Contact us today to discuss your specific colocation needs and discover how our upcoming facilities can propel your operations forward and fuel your growth.