Five reasons for choosing off premise data centres for effective data management

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The importance of data

Data is no longer just another asset, but an integral part of business worldwide – it drives decision-making processes that impact the growth and success of businesses. The challenge, however, lies in understanding the nuances of data management and governance. As our dependence on data increases, and with every click, swipe and tap on our devices being recorded and stored, there is a growing need to establish sound data management practices.

Gone are the days where bulky hard drives were our only option for storing large amounts of data – cloud-based storage solutions offer convenience, scalability and cost-effectiveness, and storage devices have become more compact and efficient. These improvements have not only made our lives easier but have also revolutionised the way we work with data. But effective data storage and management is still a significant consideration for businesses as the data available to organisations grows at a staggering rate – one of the many reasons to put your faith in an off premise data centre.

#1: Enhanced security – secure your data with confidence

An off premise data centre provides multi-layered security protocols that include firewalls, intrusion identification and prevention systems, multifactor authentication, video surveillance systems, and 24/7 monitoring. With the highest levels of security protocols in place, your company can be sure of far higher security levels than you could achieve in-house.

#2: Disaster recovery

Off premise data centres provide protection against the loss or corruption of vital business data by ensuring a robust data recovery plan, even in extreme situations. With off-premise data storage, companies can easily retrieve data, minimising downtime and reducing business disruption.

#3: Scalability for competitive edge

Scalability is crucial for organisations that deal with massive amounts of unstructured data that can be problematic to store effectively using traditional storage systems. Off premise data centres allow companies to scale their data storage requirements quickly and efficiently, with flexible pricing models.

#4: Better connectivity

Connectivity is vital in today’s digital age. Off premise data centres provide better connectivity options compared to on premise data storage, and this can improve the efficiency and accessibility of data storage and retrieval processes. Data centres can also provide access to a variety of cloud-based services that can enhance data analysis capabilities, improve data retrieval processes, and increase overall data security.

#5: Reduced costs

Maintaining an on premise data centre is a significant expense for organisations of all sizes. Migrating off premise decreases both capital expenditures and operating expenses, helping companies redirect funds to more critical business needs.

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More and more companies of all sizes are realising the benefits of off premise solutions to focus on their core activities, secure their data through specialised facilities and reduce the cost and complexity of managing their own data centres. If this is something you’ve been considering, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have currently expanding our London edge (Farnborough) and Manchester data centres to accommodate growing demand.