A resilient platform for a specialist IT and telephony company's services

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Providing the platform for a provider of specialist IT and telephony solutions to support its channel partner clients.

Atmoso (formerly ‘TheCloud Limited’) is a specialist support company providing support for cloud solutions in partnership with key organisations such as Mitel, Vmware, Microsoft and Acronis. The company needed a secure, resilient data centre facility outside London to house its IT equipment and provide the platform from which it could provide its services.

Why Datum?

Atmoso was looking for a location outside London from which it could expand its cloud offerings. It already had a presence in major carrier locations inside London and Manchester and was looking for a premium data centre facility outside the City. Datum was recommended to Atmoso by one of our partners. Atmoso came for an initial tour of our data centre and, having been impressed by the quality and evident resilience of our facility, ultimately selected us.

Our partners rely on our private cloud, PCI, telephony and connectivity solutions to grow their businesses, so we didn’t make the choice of data centre lightly. We were impressed by the quality of Datum’s facility and, based on the success of our relationship, are in the process of expanding our presence in its data centre.

Peter Appleton, Director, Atmoso

Drivers for Atmoso’s choice of Datum


Sky-high land prices within London mean that data centre space in the City is prohibitively priced for many. In contrast, our Farnborough location offers low latency to London without the premium London costs. Atmoso also saw great benefit in partnering with a data centre in Hampshire, which saves travel time from their central offices to our facility and improves their response time in the event that they need to address an issue quickly within our data centre.

Cost and power efficiency

Atmoso wanted to partner with a resilient, efficient and cost-effective data centre it could confidently use as the platform for its services. Our facility was designed and purpose-built for efficiency and operates a low PUE of 1.25. This reduces our data centre running costs (savings are reflected in our charges to clients). Cost efficiency is critical to managed service providers, like Atmoso, who host their business services from our facility.

Security and certifications

Atmoso’s business model is based on providing services from our data centre, so security is of prime importance. Atmoso requires the strictest security standards to maintain its PCI Level 1 certification. Datum is PSI DSS compliant, and our multi-level security and location on a government-grade campus mean that our data centre offers the security needed for Atmoso to comply with the requirements of its PCI DSS-certified status.

Critical infrastructure expertise

Like Datum, Atmoso is a supplier to critical government infrastructure. We are well versed in deploying the highest security services and helping clients achieve the necessary security standards required by their industries. Cody Technology Park (the high security, government-grade campus on which Datum is located) is another factor that makes Datum an attractive proposition for clients, like Atmoso, who require the most stringent levels of security.

Carrier neutrality

The nature of Atmoso’s business activities means that the company needs to connect between several data centres with high-speed fibre, and Datum was perfectly placed to facilitate this. Farnborough is a growing data centre cluster, which has encouraged many connectivity providers to build out their networks in the area. This gives our clients a choice from a large selection of connectivity carriers including Tier 1 and Tier 2 network providers.

It is great to see Atmoso’s footprint continuing to grow within our facility. Atmoso’s client base, like ours, has the same requirement for 100% uptime, making our two organisations a perfect fit.

Dominic Phillips, CEO, Datum Datacentres

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Datum is a proven platform for digital transformation for enterprise clients and a trusted pure-play colocation partner with an impressive client list including FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies. Our partner network delivers the additional services required by our clients to ensure they are supported at every stage. Datum was acquired by the infrastructure fund UBS Asset Management in 2021, a move that supports Datum’s ambitions for future development of its operations, including the further development of its Farnborough campus.