Data Centre World - ExCel London (6-7 March 2024)

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Join us at Data Centre World at ExCel London

Data Centre World (6-7 March 2024) is the world’s largest gathering of data centre industry professionals and end-users. Datum’s Chief Operating Officer, Matt Edgley, will be taking part on speaker panels on both days of this two-day event.

Day 1 (11.05-11.35am): Constructing an in-house data centre v. a leased solution

During this panel, Matt and the other panel contributors will be exploring the critical factors that organisations must consider when choosing between constructing their own data centre or opting for a leased solution. These considerations include the potential advantages and risks of building a customer data centre come (e.g. upfront capital costs, construction timelines, and scalability challenges).

Join Matt and the panel to gain a deeper understanding of the implications of this critical choice for your organisation’s digital infrastructure and future growth.

Day 2 (10.05-10.35am): Data centre heat re-use

Matt will be joined by Jon Healy, COO of Keysource, to discuss the topic of data centre heat re-use during a speaker panel on Day 2 of this industry conference from 10.05-10.35am.

Hosted by the DCA (Data Centre Alliance), this insightful panel discussion will be moderated by David Gyulnazaryan and will explore the ideas and processes behind Datum’s new Manchester data centre facility – MCR2 – which is being developed with heat re-use capabilities as part of the company’s wider sustainability strategy.

Looking at areas such as planning, why we are progressing with a heat re-use project, and who the recipients of our heat re-use scheme will be, the panel will then go on to discuss the wider topic of sustainability and the social and environmental benefits of data centre heat recycling – for example, the potential reduction of fossil fuel consumption on a city scale, Energy Reuse Efficiency (ERE) and the financial side of that symbiosis, CO2 emissions savings and the social impact of a stable and reliable source of heating for the local community.