Which server rack installation should you choose?

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More and more businesses are relying on data centres to store, manage and process their vital information

– after all, the ‘health’ of your servers can make or break your business.

To ensure that IT infrastructure is operating at maximum capacity, it’s critical to choose the right type of server installation for your needs. And there are countless options to choose from…

Choosing the right server rack for your needs

Open frame server racks are typically cheaper, easier to install and access, and require less cabling than enclosed racks. However, they may also be less secure, as they offer less protection against dust, moisture and unauthorised access. Enclosed racks, on the other hand, provide better security, environmental control, and noise reduction, but at a higher cost and with more complicated installation and maintenance requirements. Open racks are more accessible, making it easier to access the equipment inside, while enclosed racks offer more protection from dust and other contaminants.

Racks are also available in different configurations, such as 2-post and 4-post racks. 2-post racks are typically used for lightweight equipment, such as switches and patch panels, while 4-post racks are designed for heavier equipment, such as servers and storage arrays, where more cabling is required. Additionally, 4-post racks can be configured with adjustable shelves and cable management to optimise performance and organisation.

Server rack size

The size of your server rack will depend on your space requirements and the number of servers you need to accommodate. Quarter racks are great for small businesses with only a few servers, while half racks are ideal for medium-sized businesses. Full racks are designed for larger businesses with many servers that need to be housed in one place.

Preconfigured or customised?

Preconfigured racks are pre-built racks that are designed to be delivered and installed quickly. They are typically affordable and come with a range of different options; they are a great choice for those who want to get up and running quickly without worrying too much about the specifics.

Customised racks, as the name suggests, are designed to fit your specific needs. These can include everything from the size and shape of the rack to the number of rack units and even the cooling and power needs. Customised racks are typically more expensive than preconfigured ones, but they offer a greater level of flexibility, allowing you to choose the features that are most important based on your needs.

Caged areas

These restricted access areas, surrounded by sturdy perimeters, provide a secure physical space for the servers, switches and storage equipment to operate, while simultaneously protecting them from unauthorised access, theft and damage. These are perfect for organisations needing to achieve especially high security specifications.

Customised suites

Some organisations opt for a customised IT suite because they have specific requirements for space, power, cooling or physical security. By having a tailored suite, businesses are better equipped to handle varying workloads, maximise efficiency, and ensure their systems are secure.

Looking for a bespoke solution?

We work with our clients to provide bespoke solutions so they are not constrained by an off-the-peg offering. Whilst we have our preferred rack suppliers, our clients can specify their own, providing the racks are compatible with our energy-efficient cooling solution. We can help you design a solution that optimally supports your operations, both today and in the future. Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements.