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What are colocation services?

A colocation data centre is a managed facility that enables organisations to lease space, usually within a dedicated cabinet or rack, or even within a defined and separate cage. Clients lease a chunk of space with power, cooling, security, engineering services and connectivity to suit their needs.

For many organisations, there comes a point when it is no longer justifiable to invest the risk and effort required to build and subsequently maintain an in-house data centre. Colocation has the potential to provide exactly what you need for your hybrid IT setup to support your business effectively at a sensible cost. The key to success lies in the ability to build a trusted relationship with a colocation provider who will work with you to support your business, now and in the future.

We believe that all data centres should offer clients complete transparency and peace of mind. For us that comes from offering a premium quality build, operational thoroughness and enterprise class service. Our Farnborough facility is monitored and managed using an advanced building management system integrated with a sophisticated DCIM system. Clients detailed and proactive reporting and regular service reviews for total visibility into the performance of our data centre and the security of their IT estate.

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Datum's service-first approach

To ensure our clients obtain maximum benefit from using our colocation, we take a service first approach, which extends throughout the Datum team, providing support and information throughout the life of the contract. This approach is reflected in our full range of lifecycle services and our role as a proven platform for digital transformation.

At a fundamental level, we provide proactive reporting and transparency of operations as an integral part of our offering. Each client has a designated client service manager to ensure that they are kept fully informed about the performance of their equipment and the data hall in which it sits.

Datum's role and focus is on being a pure play and specialist colocation provider, delivering a secure and resilient data centre service on which our clients can fully rely. Our partner network delivers the additional available services where clients require a little more help from pre-planning to transition and beyond, ensuring that Datum clients are supported at every stage.

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Datum's proven platform for digital transformation

Proven platform for digital transformation

Datum's service-enhanced approach to colocation has attracted major names to our data centre. Working with our clients and selected partners, we have developed a flexible two-phase approach to supporting our clients with major digital transformation projects. This has proved itself many times over to be a crucial element in the success of our client projects, enabling a phased transition, which provides time for sufficient evaluation, assessment and, therefore, optimisation, with contract flexibility to adapt to future needs.

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