Our high security data centre in Farnborough

Cody Technology Park security gate

Datum's highly secure facility is set within the highly secure Cody Technology Park in Farnborough, part of a strategic London-edge colocation cluster with excellent transportation links and high carrier density and plentiful power supplies due to the site's MOD heritage. 

A multi-layered approach to security provides our clients with confidence in Datum's ability to deliver a robust service. It also has a strong impact on our clients' commitments to their customers and helps to ensure that our facility will meet and exceed the requirements of Tier 3 and above.

This added reassurance has attracted prestigious clients from across IT security and cyber security, defence, construction, finance and the public sector. Our multi-layered approach to security is designed to meet their needs and the requirements of industry-recognised certifications including ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

  • Campus security – 24/7 on site security and access procedures
  • Facility security – CCTV, multi-level access control, biometrics, intruder detection, alarm systems, key management
  • Fire security – fire extinguishant with double knock detection and VESDA early warning system
  • Controlled and regulated environment to reduce risk of malicious or accidental activity to the data centre or your installation
  • Support for highly regulated industries where security is key
  • Additional peace of mind that your IT foundation is solid
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100% uptime SLA

For assurance against the risks of data centre downtime - vital reassurance for clients whose business needs to be operational 24x7x365 - we offer clients a 100% uptime SLA supported by our highly resilient colocation infrastructure that exceeds Tier 3 specifications - fully supported by a committed and experienced operations team.

Power considerations are paramount to ensure your colocation is always available. For us, non-stop means non-stop, so we start from the ground up in providing a fully 2N power infrastructure.

Our local electrical utility company provides dual high capacity HV connections from dual substations. Onsite, the electrical design provides a 2N level of resilience down to IT rack level with no single points of failure, ensuring our co-location facilities are concurrently maintainable.

The mains infrastructure is supported by a 2N standby diesel generator system, providing automatic back-up power in case of a mains grid failure. Each generator is supported by a bulk fuel supply to provide 72hrs run time during normal operation.

Our 2N UPS system will support all critical IT equipment, and in line with our focus on environmentally intelligent design, combines the tried and tested in the form of battery based UPS on one path and the more environmentally aware approach of a flywheel UPS system on the other.

A separate UPS is also provided to support critical mechanical systems that enable continuous cooling in a power outag

Independent power units for 2N resilience

Built-in resilience - key metrics

Downtime is not an option, which is why we have designed our datacentre with built-in resiliency:

  • Active/Active power distribution paths ensuring high availability
  • HV redundancy mains power at N+N
  • Individual components concurrently maintainable
  • IT UPS 2N, mechanical UPS N (to enable continuous cooling)
  • Standby generator 2N for back-up power supply
  • Maximum power density - 30kw per rack

To discuss your requirements with us, call us on 0333 202 3195 or email us at info@datum.co.uk. To see our datacentre in action, we strongly recommend taking a look around.