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Datum takes a service-enhanced approach to colocation provision because we believe in supporting our clients at every stage to ensure they can have total confidence in the security and resilience of their installation.

At a fundamental level, we provide proactive reporting and transparency of operations as an integral part of our offering. Each client has a designated client service manager to ensure that they are kept fully informed about the performance of their equipment and the data hall in which it sits.

This approach to client service extends throughout the organisation and is reflected in the services available, from the core Data Centre Engineering Services and the Datum Concierge services to the range of complementary lifecycle services.

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Our services

Enterprise / Service Providers

Management and support to assist from smooth transition to successful engagement

Enterprise / Service Providers

Client-centred engineering and remote hands services

Enterprise / Service Providers

Resilient links at any bandwidth across the UK and to Europe and the USA

Enterprise / Service Providers

Multivendor break-fix for client equipment, blended option for in and out of warranty

Enterprise / Service Providers

Office Recovery locations throughout the UK to support Business Continuity Plans
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Complementary lifecycle services

As a pure play and specialist colocation provider, Datum's focus remains clearly on supporting our enterprise and service provider clients with a secure and resilient data centre service on which they can rely.

Focusing on this core remit, the additional available services strengthen the offering where clients require a little more help from pre-planning to transition and beyond.

For more information on how the Datum approach has helped clients to maximise the benefit from colocation, call 0333 202 3195 or drop us a line via the contact page