Sustainable enterprise grade colocation

Sustainable enterprise grade colocation

We provide proven colocation services from our sustainable enterprise grade data centres in the south east (FRN1 in Farnborough) and the north west (MCR1 in Manchester) - the two most economically active regions of the UK. Our Manchester facility was added to our portfolio through our acquisition of Teledata in September 2022. We specialise in bespoke solutions and embrace complexity, providing true value to our clients through collaborative working and enterprise-class service management and support. Our world-class data centres and services host mission-critical infrastructure and workloads for our enterprise clients enabling them to focus on their core business growth, whilst providing a resilient platform from which service providers can scale their operations and expand their reach.

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FRN1 (London edge)

  • Enterprise grade (Tier 3+)
  • Located on ultra-secure campus location in Farnborough
  • 55,000 ft2​
  • 4MW incoming power​
  • 2.7 MW IT load (can be increased)​
  • 1,200 racks across four halls​
  • Carrier and cloud neutral​
  • Environmentally-efficient adiabatic cooling  ​

MCR1 (Manchester)

  • Acquired as Teledata Ltd in 2022
  • Located at the heart of one of the Manchester airport city enterprise zones
  • 22,000 ft2 technical space​
  • 2MW incoming power​
  • 1.25 MW IT load​
  • 320 racks across five halls​
  • On-site police-linked, NSI Gold Approved, BS5979 certified control room​
  • Carrier neutral connectivity hub with its own private cloud service
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Server racks in Datum Datacentres

About our data centres

  • Innovative environmentally efficient data centres backed by UBS Asset Management and underpinned by our environmentally efficient infrastructure and operations. Our innovative data centres support responsible long-term growth, while helping our clients and partners to achieve their ESG goals.  ​
  • Enterprise grade colocation through our network of purpose-built, highly secure, carrier neutral data centres.​
  • Proven platform for digital transformation, enhanced through the services provided by our ecosystem of partners, enabling our clients to build flexible, scalable solutions that optimise business performance.  ​

New capacity to meet demand ...

We have some capacity available in our newly completed data hall at our London edge facility, and construction is underway on two brand new data centres, one at each of our locations:

FRN2 (London edge)

  • Planning permission granted for a two storey building link detached to FRN1
  • Enterprise grade build (Tier 3)
  • 1,200 racks
  • 4MW incoming power
  • Development timeline: 2024/2025


MCR2 (Manchester)

  • Planning application underway to construct a brand-new data centre adjacent to MCR1
  • Enterprise grade build (Tier 3+)​​
  • 4MW incoming power​
  • 2.6MW IT load​​
  • 1,200 racks​
  • Development timeline: Q2 2024
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