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Services for every stage of your colocation journey

The purpose of Datum's range of services is very straightforward. Colocation is not a stand alone solution. It integrates and operates with a host of other elements to deliver the network that a business requires to support its strategies and objectives for growth.

Datum services are built to take away many of the headaches that project teams and other third parties currently manage that are part of the larger solution around their colocation installation. In essence they enable clients to have a one-stop go-to person for everything colo related throughout their colocation experience.

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Embarking on a Digital Transformation Journey – What You Need To Know

Why, what are the benefits and how can you ensure it goes smoothly?

Knowing where to start with digital transformation can be a significant challenge. This free guide will walk you through the reasons behind the need for change, how to make the transition, the optimum delivery model to choose and why you should opt for a two-phase approach.

Digital Transformation Journey

Our services

Datum Concierge Services provide data centre clients with management and support to assist from smooth transition to successful engagement.
Client-centred engineering and remote hands services
Datum Connectivity Services provide data centre clients with resilient links at any bandwidth across the UK and to Europe and the USA
Multivendor break-fix support for client equipment installed in the data centre and including a blended support option for both in and out of warranty
Datum Workplace Recovery Services can form part of the Business Continuity Plan through the provision of Office Recovery locations throughout the UK

For the journey

Listening to client challenges, Datum has developed a range of services across the lifecycle that continues to grow as our clients grow and their environment changes. From Concierge and Connectivity to Compliance and Engineering, Datum works with clients to facilitate and enable the colocation journey.

For more information on each of the services, visit the Our Services page.