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Solution Centre helps CIOs and IT Directors develop their systems for maximum business advantage, while keeping their costs under control.

An engineering centred organisation we develop and integrate solutions to real business problems.

Products and services

Cloud Unified Device Management

Provision and managed all your IP end points from one central cloud hosted platform.

Cloud Managed Wireless

Manage both wired and wireless networks as well as the users accessing them all from one place. Wi-Fi hotspots, Wireless Broadband, Wired networks, entirely hardware vendor  agnostic.

Cloud Managed VPN

Our fully managed and specialist VPN services are primarily designed for remote access to various telemetry equipment, including a novel fixed IP solutions.

Cloud Mobilisation of Enterprise Applications

A disruptive, cloud-based solution that delivers enterprise mobility at a fraction of the cost and time of any other approach. Our solution allows you to extend your current enterprise applications to users on any mobile device at a fraction of the cost and time of any other solution.

Within the cloud, the solution employs a revolutionary remote computing protocol to apply a series of transformations in real-time, to render a true mobile experience to the end user. The result is that we can dynamically transform any enterprise application into a mobile application.

We not only deliver at a lower cost and in less time, but we also do this in a way that requires no coding, no exotic skills and with end to end security.

Use the Cloud to Control the Cloud – Cloud Visibility and Enablement

Discovers all cloud services in use across the organisation and provides a rating of enterprise readiness for each service so you can assess your cloud risk.

Analyse usage patterns to understand demand for new cloud services, consolidate subscriptions, and highlight anomalous activity.

Encrypt your data in the cloud, ensure regulatory compliance with DLP, and enable frictionless mobile-to-cloud access.