Project Peach


Project Peach offer sustainable no code website solutions, giving companies back control of their websites as well as their ESG commitments. 

Our ‘live’ web framework removes over 95% of the energy consumption associated with web connection and hosting, whilst also removing all barriers between a company and control of their website. content which can now be created, updated and maintained as easily as creating a social media post.

Products and services

Since 2016 Project Peach has been developing the ‘live’ web framework that allows businesses to create live websites without the need for web developers and designers whilst delivering, providing ultimate control over their online presence.

We provide companies with the ability to create and maintain a website that works across all devices as easily as creating and publishing a social media post.

Hosting companies - no code web builder

Enable your customers to build their own websites without your involvement creating a new revenue stream for your business.

Our live framework removes 95% of the energy consumed by web connection and hosting. Thousands of Project Peach websites can be stored on a server that previously held on hundreds, providing greater profit margins and ESG credentials.


Remove the cost of web development and design by bringing the job in house without the need for coding knowledge.  Create, design and publish a professional website as easily as creating and publishing a social media post