Excotek specialize in delivering servers, storage, networking and CPE device management to digital service providers. For 15 years we’ve been providing clients with infrastructure solutions and have built a strong reputation for reliability and excellence of service.

Working in partnership with our clients we provide a tailored response on every project and deliver at speed; you’ll be in complete control of the specification; you can even accommodate a future-proofed capability in the servers you supply to your customers. You will demonstrate excellent customer responsiveness and secure a clear competitive advantage as well as further enhancing your reputation.

We created Global View in response to the pressure that digital services providers face when dealing with tasks unrelated to their core skills, particularly given the volume and intricate attention to detail involved in many projects. Global View is the complete one-click solution to complex order management problems.

Products and services

Configure to Order (CTO) Servers, Storage and Networking

Vendors supply standard part numbers, which does not necessarily make their hardware fit for purpose for every customer. The compelling point of difference for any digital service provider is defined by your ability to respond to your customers’ needs in a tailored fashion; delivering what they require, not just what the vendor makes available.


We provide a break-fix maintenance service delivered through its own team of break-fix specialists, for server, storage, networking, laptop/desktop, printer and POS (point of sale) hardware from most manufacturers. We will tailor our service to meet your precise needs, with a mix and match choice of response/fix times and cover ranging from normal business hours up to 24 x 365.

Customer Premise Equipment

Focus on business growth is about connecting your customers to the future. By empowering businesses to harness true agility, efficiency, and scalability, you enable them to realise the vision and reality of digital transformation. This is how service providers enrich their competitive advantage; delivering the digital world to customers.

Tactical IT Supply Chain

There’s a big difference between being prepared with a meet-all-comers deep and costly inventory and being supported by an agile and resourceful IT Supply Chain partner with whom costs are only incurred when action is required. Excotek provide Problem Solving as a Service. When you need it, we’ll source, configure as required, bench-test, and deliver it. Usually next day.

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