Esendex: SMS Services Partner


With many years of experience and expertise in the Business SMS messaging market, Esendex provides a portfolio of services that enable the sending and receiving of SMS via the web or email services. They also offer an SMS API that facilitates the integration of SMS services with business systems. Founded in 2001, their head office is in Nottingham, UK, Esendex also operate in Ireland, Spain, France, Australia and Germany.

The services are suitable for a variety business needs and requirements, from SMS appointment reminders to SMS marketing.

Esendex provide SMS services for a variety of clients from SME’s to large Corporates including Ocado, Virgin Media and BAA Gatwick. Esendex’s SMS gateway is directly connected to all the UK mobile networks and many more around the globe, ensuring all messages are delivered quickly.

Products and services


Web SMS is a straightforward and powerful tool that will enable you to send and receive SMS online in minutes. Echo, the Online SMS solution is ideal if you need to send messages to multiple contacts or groups of people.

Email SMS

Send and receive SMS from your email account. Simple and straightforward to use, and easily integrates with your existing email system.


Using an SMS API allows you to automate the sending and receiving of SMS messages by integrating SMS services directly with your business applications, systems or websites.