Blocz IO


blocz IO delivers flexible, cloud-based data backup services

Our expertise allows us to not only mitigate the risk of data loss, but also ensures the optimum recovery solution for our clients. All services and solutions delivered by blocz IO are based on industry leading vendor technology with a proven track record of delivering outstanding results.

Based in the UK, blocz IO works across all enterprise verticals and also has a strong partner channel focus, enabling our Partners to add their own value and skill sets to our portfolio of data backup and recovery services.

Products and services

Cloud & Hybrid Backup and Restore Solutions

blocz IO automatically uploads your files to our secure UK data centres. If you lose or break a server, a computer, tablet, or phone you can easily restore the files to a new device.

Ransomware Protection

There has been a 6000 per cent increase in ransomware attacks from 2015 to present day. With the proliferation of ransomware attacks, now is the time to change your IT policies and procedures to ensure you have a reliable, secure data protection solution in place, before an attack encrypts your organisations files.

Cloud SaaS Backup Protection

Cloud backup is quickly becoming a very appealing data protection option for many IT organisations. blocz IO cloud backup solution is an end-to-end solution that is purpose-built to leverage virtualisation environments, has built-in mobility support with scale, meets security standards and aligns the value of data with the costs of protecting it.

Blocz IO Data Transporter

Initial Backup : Do you have a large initial backup of servers, desktops and laptops?  That can be a lot of data for anyone and initial backups can take a long time over the wire.  This is where blocz Data Transporter comes into play to get your data quickly and safely to one of the blocz data centres by providing an off-line backup.

Large Restore : If the worst should happen and you lose more than just a few files or you are just setting up a new environment, blocz Data Transporter can also be used to securely retrieve all or part of your data