Speaking to clients about colocation

Partner Campaign Resources

When colocation is not your main business, speaking to clients and prospects about the benefits and the details can be daunting. To address this gap, we have put together resources that you can use to speak to your networks about colo with confidence. In addition to fundamental factsheets which can be found in the resources section of the website, there is a short Datum explainer video and dedicated partner resources including 'Campaign in a Box', and a simple partner brochure that can be white-labeled for your own branding.

Access Partner Resources

Get in touch to learn more about Campaign in a Box

Campaign in a Box

Datum has prepared a number of partner-ready promotional campaigns which contain marketing materials to support you in promoting Datum to your clients and prospects.

What is included:

  • Blogs & case studies that can be shared as part of your campaign
  • Email copy which promotes the content, offered in plain text or HTML
  • Social messaging and images to reuse through channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn

To learn more and access these resources, please notify your Account Manager (matt.mccluney@datum.co.uk) or email info@datum.co.uk