6th May 2021

An unbeatable colocation environment for enterprise and service providers

Datum Datacentres supports business critical IT with highly secure resilient colocation. Our core strength comes from having a team who've spent most of their careers managing mission-critical IT services. They know what it takes to deliver a service-based client relationship. It's in their DNA and this gives them the right mindset, attention to detail, focus and commitment to truly support our clients.

Our custom-designed facility

To deliver our service, we knew we needed the right facilities. From the outset, every aspect of the design of our datacentre had to focus on service continuity and the removal of risk. The ideal location was paramount; good connectivity and ease of access for client staff was important and, above all, it had to be in a secure and controlled environment - that isn't going to be on a trading estate or below a city office block. So, we chose Cody Technology Park in Farnborough. The park has government-grade security in operation 24/7 and is a completely controlled environment. Clients can see for themselves the layer upon layer of security protecting their IT assets and we've created a distinctive brand of security that goes beyond just ticking boxes. In our view, halfway measures count for nothing - effective datacentre security is neither cheap nor optional.

Our approach to the 24/7 security of the premises and our clients’ equipment starts with our people. Their training and dedication is backed by sophisticated intrusion prevention and strengthened by the park’s own security force and physical barriers; a combination that provides our clients with peace of mind, knowing that their infrastructure is in safe hands.

Clients who value business continuity need the level of security and resilience that we offer. After all, if we help prevent just one major outage, it might be the best investment they've ever made.

Innovative, energy-efficient cooling

When designing our datacentres, power considerations were paramount to ensure continuous availability with a facility exceeding Tier 3 datacentre requirements. Fully 2N power is designed to the build from the base up, including dual backup generators and dual UPS; all of which ensures effective mitigation against the risk of power supply outage.

The cooling method we chose, and which is so critical to the efficiency of a datacentre, is different from most legacy datacentres. Their prevalent chilled water and cold aisle technology may be cheaper to install but mixing water with technology carries its own risks and does not suit high power densities.

Datum invested in balanced adiabatic cooling, which is more environmentally efficient, has a lower potential PUE and creates a more comfortable working environment, whilst completely removing any water leakage risk.

Enterprise-class service

Our team is passionate about providing clients with enterprise-class client service. We take the attitude that if our clients are accountable, we should be too!

We are proactive about providing all our clients with complete transparency about what goes on in the datacentre. We know that in too many contracts, client visibility into vital equipment ends at the datacentre perimeter, which is both frustrating and potentially damaging.

For us, business continuity depends on strong partnership with our clients, who can rely on a dedicated Datum client service manager to support and assist them at every stage.

Monthly service reviews provide our clients with the full picture on all performance and activity in the preceding period, to assist their management and forward planning. Our service managers are also on hand to help clients roadmap their future IT requirements, performance and capacity management, and when a client needs additional help with services such as integration, connectivity or security, we can bring in a specialist provider through the Datum cloud hub to provide all the support they might need.

Our key strength is our single-minded focus on providing highly secure resilient datacentres that perfectly serve business-critical IT. We are confident that our combined offering of a state-of-the-art datacentre and enterprise-class service management, creates an unbeatable colocation environment for both the enterprise and service providers.

To find out more, get in touch or arrange a tour of our Farnborough data centre.

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