24th January 2023

Why our two data centre locations are so much better than one

Why would you want only one good thing, when you could have two? Farnborough is the perfect choice as a London-edge location, and that’s why we chose Farnborough for our flagship FRN1 data centre. Meanwhile, our new Manchester facility (MCR1) is ideally placed in the second most economically active area of the UK giving the Datum Group footholds in two of the most fundamentally important economic areas of the country.

The same great service – but more of it!

With a second location that aligns with our ethos of flexible colocation and outstanding service, we are able to provide our clients with more of what we’re good at – this means more capacity (with more in the pipeline at both locations) to help our clients:

  • focus on their core business activities;
  • achieve their ESG targets through our efficient and environmentally intelligent colocation;
  • become ‘asset-light’ in terms of IT infrastructure and move towards a more sustainable OpEx model for business-critical IT;
  • ensure ultimate security of business-critical IT and workloads.

Geodiversity under the respected Datum umbrella – resilience and disaster recovery

The Datum Group’s multi-site footprint offers increased geographic resilience in the event of a localised outage, which provides a firm basis for our clients’ disaster recovery strategies.

By distributing business-critical IT across more than one location, organisations can ensure that their data is backed up and protected in the event of a localised outage. This type of geographic resilience is essential for businesses that rely on data to operate. In the event of an outage at one site, traffic can be routed through the other sites to keep the business running. This type of redundancy is crucial for organisations that cannot afford to have their operations disrupted.

Our dual-site status means that we can provide our clients with primary and secondary systems in the two most economically active regions of the UK without having to partner with other data centres. Instead, our geodiversity is based in facilities that are under our control, which offers peace of mind for our clients that they are going to receive the service and performance levels they have come to expect.

And for those clients who haven’t already embraced the dual-site approach, a proportion of their equipment can now be moved easily and painlessly to one or other of our sister sites to spread the risk and ensure resilience.

Access to new services

By bringing our two data centres together, we have expanded the range of services we run, deliver and manage ourselves, which makes it easier for us to ensure service quality and excellence throughout our service provision.

Through our Manchester site, our clients have access to a proprietary cloud network (CloudActiv), which provides constant, sub-millisecond replication between two identical platforms in two separate UK locations to deliver instant disaster recovery. Furthermore, our Manchester site is a LINX Point of Presence and both sites have their own network of carriers, and public and private cloud options, which can be accessed across the Datum Group to the benefit of our client base – meaning more choice for our clients.

Together is definitely stronger. By pooling our skills and experience, and combining our service provision and areas of excellence, we have become even stronger and more resilient, and even more able to develop our service to meet the requirements of our clients. To find out more about our colocation, get in touch or arrange a tour of our Farnborough or Manchester facilities.

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