13th February 2020

What sets us apart - the four key ingredients of Datum’s service management

Our Account Director, Will Sargent, has always spoken very highly of Datum's pervasive service culture so we asked him to put pen to paper to explain why... 

As a relatively new member of the Datum team (I began my role as Account Director at Datum in June 2019) I am in the unique position of being able to assess Datum’s working practices on the basis of my relatively recent past experiences in the wider datacentre world. When I first became aware of Datum, I was attracted by the company’s uniquely client-centric perspective; everything revolves around the client and the desire to offer the very best service. This is an easy claim to make, of course, but how does this actually manifest itself in the day-to-day running of things at Datum?

Ingredient #1: A truly bespoke service offering

Datum’s service offering is wholly tailored to client requirements. We work closely with our customers to deliver a colocation solution that is uniquely aligned to their business needs and desired outcomes. In some cases, this might mean working as an extension to a client’s IT team and supporting them in their development journey; in others it might simply be a case of arranging access to the datacentre for clients, as and when required, and leaving the rest up to them. We are more than comfortable supporting both models of service offering. 

Ingredient #2: A dedicated engineering team

Datum offers 24/7 emergency response to minimise disruption to business activities in case of issues, as well as scheduled engineering services such as ‘remote hands’, systems configuration, connectivity and cable installation, etc. Crucially, our engineering team is customer-facing and fully dedicated to engineering services rather than involving itself in other elements of facility management. As such, our engineers are 100% focused on resolving customer issues. They are always on site and can be called on to assist with maintenance or business-critical work when client personnel are unavailable. 

Ingredient #3: Proactive and insightful service reporting

Clients can choose to receive either monthly or quarterly service reviews for full transparency regarding service performance. These reviews include pre-planned maintenance schedules, data regarding all open and closed tickets raised during the service period (to allow clients to keep abreast of any ongoing issues) and a log of the individuals from the client organisation who have accessed the datacentre during the service period (offering peace of mind that only authorised staff members are accessing business-critical IT). Data covering power, humidity, temperature and PUE is readily available to clients in their service review documents and meetings. Detailed reporting includes BMS data for transparency and advanced DCIM to centralise monitoring and management.

Ingredient #4: Bespoke account management

Our service-based approach depends on maintaining strong working relationships with our clients which, in turn, requires excellent account management. In order to maintain separation between service and commercial considerations, and to ensure that our clients always know whom to turn to should services issues arise, all clients are allocated both a dedicated Account Manager and Service Manager. 

“Good partnerships are based on the strength of the working relationship that is established. Some of the key reasons that we contract with Datum are that we have found Datum to be flexible, supportive and easy to deal with. Such attributes are not that easy to find but are key to a successful, long term partnership.”

- Datum client

Datum’s focus on customer service is a strategy that certainly seems to be working. As well as receiving excellent feedback from existing clients, our most recent client survey in June 2019 delivered a World Class category Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) of 91, indicating a very high likelihood that Datum clients would recommend our services to their peers or colleagues. 

To find out more about partnering with Datum, get in touch. Or book a tour if you’d like to come and see our highly secure colocation facility for yourself.

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