26th July 2021

Financial results demonstrate our impressive performance in 2020

These are strange times and we are all battling on many fronts. Despite this, the pressures on organisations to keep things running and, moreover, drive growth have not diminished - in fact, despite the stasis in much of our lives, businesses are probably under more pressure than ever. And there was certainly no lull at Datum despite the pandemic. As part of the UK’s core data infrastructure, our guarantee of resilience and 100% uptime was more essential than ever to our clients who needed to know that their IT would be in safe hands during lockdown. And the upsurge in interest from organisations wanting to move IT off-premise (after problems accessing on-premise facilities during the pandemic) and searching for a resilient platform for digital transformation based on an increased reliance on technology for remote working and digital collaboration, meant that things have been busier than ever over for us the past 18 months.

A challenging but successful year

Our annual report and financial statements for the year ending 31 December 2020 showed that 2020 was a particularly strong year for Datum, despite the challenges posed by Covid-19. This impressive performance is down to our resilient business model underpinned by robust growth from existing client and partner bases (a trend we expect to continue), the acquisition of new clients and several important contract renewals. And, with an established position as a premium provider at a competitive price point, we are well placed to continue to grow our client list of FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 clients.

We have always prioritised a service-led approach based on flexible contracting and partnership with our clients, and this approach came into its own during 2020. Many of our clients and new prospects were struggling with the challenges posed but the Covid-19 pandemic and we were pleased to be able to support them.

Some key highlights

  • Annual growth targets surpassed
  • Recurring revenue up by 24% from the previous year as occupancy in the datacentre increased
  • EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortisation), the directors’ principal measure of profit performance, increased by 116% after excluding exceptional and group-related expenses
  • The completion of a facility expansion comprising two data halls: one customised to the requirements of an anchor tenant and providing 250 racks at an average density of 3.5kW per rack with the capability to operate at high density (up to 30kW), the other (a further 250 racks) currently shell and core, which will be built out to our standards or to a client’s specified configuration, depending on requirements

A veritable team effort …

The concept of ‘leadership’ is a collective term at Datum rather than one limited to the CEO or team leaders. It is about how we all serve our clients, the local community, and our stakeholders. We believe that doing the best we possibly can as a group should be our measure of success - a happy and productive team, client base and stakeholder group is the ultimate goal, much more so than bottom line growth.

The winning of significant new business at the beginning of the pandemic, followed by the raising of finance, the construction of another datacentre and the delivery of significant service to a new client, all during the pandemic, was a fantastic achievement by the team, and one that we are very proud of. Our world-class client satisfaction levels demonstrated in our annual client surveys reflect the positive impact our approach is having on our clients. (Note: this year’s client survey is now live, so we would encourage any of our existing clients to give us their feedback – it’s important for us to hear what we are doing right or how we might improve.)

Recognition of our impressive growth

To top it off, Datum’s strong growth has been rewarded through our inclusion in this year’s Thames Valley SME 100 Growth Index, which recognises and promotes the region’s high-growth small and medium-sized enterprises. We are very pleased to have been included in this index, which is testament to the success of our service-based approach and to the efforts of the whole of the Datum team.

Want to find out more?

If you are considering moving your IT off-premise, or you are a service provider looking for a secure facility for your clients’ IT, we would love to hear from you. We are running face-to-face tours of our facility, or virtual tours for those who are unable to visit our facility in person - book your tour now.

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