15th December 2021

Expansion at our Farnborough site, and beyond – looking forward to 2022

As a hugely successful and productive 2021 draws to a close, we are looking with excitement towards the coming year; a year that will see significant developments at Datum.

Spurred on by the added impetus of our acquisition through UBS Asset Management in September 2021, and recognising the growing demand for our service-based colocation, we will be pushing ahead with our expansion strategies in 2022 to offer the capacity required by our growing list of clients.

FRN1 and FRN2 - halls, footprints and completion dates

The completion of FRN1

The expansion of our existing campus will be a multi-stage process, beginning with the build out of the remainder of our existing facility (FRN1), which is engineered to be easily scalable up to 1,200 racks incorporating a total of four halls on two floors.

Halls 1 and 2 on the ground floor were completed between 2013 and 2015, and the build out of a sizeable proportion of Hall 3 to the specifications of our anchor tenant was conducted from March to October 2020. The remaining space in Hall 3 will be completed in 2022 along with the build out of Hall 4 (currently shell and core).

Hall 4 will be available for pre-let and will offer the potential for ‘early bird’ clients to stipulate their own custom technical specifications – a perfect opportunity for clients seeking more substantial datacentre placements, tailored to their requirements.

A new facility – FRN2

Upon completion of FRN1, our next focus will be the construction of an entirely new facility (FRN2), link-detached to our existing facility. Secured planning permission permits the addition of 600 footprints on the ground floor, with scope to double this capacity on the first floor (subject to further planning).

 All data halls will provide an average power density of 3.5kW/footprint, capability to deliver high density compute of up to 30kW/footprint, and Tier 3+ resilience.

Looking further to the future…

Datum’s successful colocation formula is one that we believe can, and should, be replicated in other locations, so we are pursuing a long-term national strategy based on our enterprise grade data centres located near other major economic hubs across the UK. Our strength lies in the development of superior facilities that provide security, resilience and performance efficiencies, enhanced through outstanding service and the provision of additional services provided by a network of partners – and we look forward to introducing this concept beyond our existing Farnborough campus. This proven formula serves our enterprise clients by supporting their business-critical IT and providing a secure platform for their digital transformation projects whilst providing a strong foundation for service providers wanting to help their clients develop their hybrid solutions.

Now is the perfect time to get on board with Datum. Whether you are an organisation looking to move your IT infrastructure and workloads off premise, or a service provider looking to partner with a successful and growing colocation provider, we would love to hear from you.

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