21st July 2023

Why the demand for off premises data centres is increasing

The management of on prem data centres consumes a significant amount of time and resources for IT teams, which could otherwise be utilised to drive business technology initiatives:

  • Ongoing maintenance can be time-consuming and divert IT teams from focusing on strategic projects.
  • Routine tasks like hardware provisioning, capacity planning and monitoring mean less time for innovation and transformative projects.
  • Costs of operating and maintaining on prem data facilities (e.g. power, cooling, physical security and hardware) can limit the budget available for technology initiatives.
  • The complexity of scaling an in-house data centre to meet changing business needs requires extensive planning, procurement and implementation efforts that slow down response times to other business projects.


To address these challenges, many organisations are moving towards cloud-based solutions and data centre outsourcing to reduce the burden of data centre management. This allows more time and resources to be allocated to supporting strategic technology initiatives that contribute to growth and success.

Our pure-play colo (with partner-delivered extras)

High quality off-site facilities like our data centres in Farnborough and Manchester offer a number of advantages, not least the provision of colocation with the option to access all the services required as part of the colocation journey. As a pure-play colocation provider, we focus on colo (because that’s what we’re so good at), including:

  • Datum service management.
  • Datum engineering services.
  • Datum network services.
  • Datum private cloud.


Some of our clients want colocation (and colocation only) whilst others appreciate access to a range of ‘lifecycle’ services they may need throughout their colocation journey. Rather than sourcing providers themselves, they have access to our network of partners (‘Datum Connect’). Our partner-delivered lifecycle services include:

  • Security and certification.
  • Hardware break fix.
  • Back-up and workplace recovery.
  • Engineering and maintenance.
  • Asset management.
  • Procurement.
  • Disposal.
  • General managed services.

Advantages of migrating IT and workloads to our facilities

  • Scalability and flexibility: our flexible contracts mean that our clients can flex both up and down over the lifetime of the contract in terms of power, space and footprint.
  • Cost efficiency: our economies of scale mean that our clients spend less on operational costs across the board than they would if they were running their own data centre facility.
  • Security and compliance: we comply with security standards to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorised access, and the process of achieving and maintaining our certifications and accreditations gives us a clear roadmap for improving our operations, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and achieving higher levels of quality, safety, and efficiency.
  • Monitoring and maintenance: knowing that our data centre experts are always on-site offering infrastructure maintenance and management as an extension of our clients’ IT teams allows them to focus on other important IT activities.

With a new data hall just launched at our Farnborough data centre, and brand-new data centre facilities in the immediate pipeline at both our Farnborough and Manchester sites, this is the perfect time to get in touch to discuss your move off prem. Speak to us today to discuss your requirements.

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