27th August 2019

Datum doesn’t go on holiday – reliability and resilience all year round

Datum doesn’t go on holiday – reliability and resilience all year round

When the great summer slowdown begins, the holiday mood takes over for many and attention turns to summer escapes. But the summer break isn’t always the most relaxing time for IT teams who can’t shed the fear that a major IT incident may occur during their absence – nothing takes the sheen off a day at the beach like the simmering dread of calls from beleaguered colleagues and clients announcing service disruption and the need for urgent action. 

Risks to critical IT real estate come in many forms; from physical or cyber security breaches and hardware or software failure, to natural disasters, but some risks are particularly prevalent during the summer. Thankfully, IT leads who have partnered with Datum can rest easy knowing that equipment and workloads are as well looked after at this time of the year as at any other.

Summer – a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Most of us look forward to summer with eager anticipation after the dark and cold that preceded it. But our changing climate means that summer can bring so much more than longer days and clement weather – it increasingly means periods of excessive heat, followed by storms and heavy rainfall. This is problematic for IT facilities, which are very sensitive to heat and moisture. 

The heatwave in July 2019 caused temperatures to reach 39C in parts of eastern England (the highest temperature since records began) and the mid-heatwave storm generated over 48,000 lightning strikes during one night and flash flooding in parts of the country. A recent study on the impact of the climate crisis has predicted that London will be as hot as Barcelona by 2050. This is not good news for those involved in the storage and maintenance of business-critical IT equipment and workloads. 

Power outages are particularly common during heatwaves due to summer storms and the need for cooling systems to run on overdrive to maintain the correct ambient temperature. The equipment in data centres generates a significant amount of heat, so cooling (which itself generates heat) is the life support of the data centre environment. But the combination of heat within the data centre and sky-high outdoor temperatures can cause electrical equipment to become overloaded, which is why summer constitutes ‘power outage season’. 

Furthermore, torrential downpours are common following periods of hot weather, and it is no longer unusual for some areas of the country to be hit by a month’s worth of rainfall (or more) in a few hours. Flash floods are an obvious risk to any IT facility that finds itself in a vulnerable location, but water can also accumulate through condensation or humidity in warmer weather and can lead to corrosion and degradation of devices and cables.

But don’t cancel your holiday just yet - we’ve got it all in hand ….

There are so many benefits of partnering with Datum; benefits that are relevant at any time of the year, not just during the summer slow-down:

  • Rigorously tested data centre infrastructure to prevent problems occurring.
  • The luxury of infrastructure redundancy - power, cooling and data back-up.
  • Adiabatic cooling designed to maximise energy efficiency using cost effective, state-of-the-art cooling technology. Datum’s flooded airflow approach uses ambient air to provide free cooling. This method is better for high power densities whilst being energy efficient, so it reduces running costs and carbon footprint.
  • Resilience. Our fully 2N power and highly resilient infrastructure exceed the requirements of Tier 3 and are backed by a 100% uptime SLA - vital reassurance for clients whose businesses need to be operational 24x7x365
  • System monitoring and engineering services (including emergency response) to monitor power loads and system functionality and act quickly in case issues arise.
  • Security. 24/7 manned security, CCTV, intruder detection and alarm and three-factor access control. Fire security is covered by fire extinguishant with double knock detection and VESDA early warning system.

All this means that holidaying IT teams can rest assured that we have got it all in hand. To find out how you can make your summer break more relaxing next year by handing over the responsibility of your IT real estate and workloads to Datum, get in touch or, even better, arrange a tour of our Farnborough facility.

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