3rd August 2023

How data centres are revolutionising AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword in modern technology and is poised to transform every imaginable sector and the way we live our lives. Hyperconnected networks and sophisticated algorithms are enabling machines to think, learn, and reason like never before. However, building and utilising AI are complex processes that require enormous computing power and resources. This is where data centres come in - they provide the necessary infrastructure to enable AI to progress as an accessible and valuable technology.

Data centres as a critical component of the AI revolution

Data centres are the backbone of AI, providing the processing power, storage capacity, and security to support the development, testing, and deployment of AI technologies and enable the previously unimaginable. By doing so, they enable faster innovation, more secure applications, and more environmentally friendly approaches to AI. As the demand for AI applications continues to increase, data centres’ role in enabling this technology's widespread implementation will only grow more critical.

1. Enabling massive data processing

With the rise of AI and machine learning, the demand for data processing has increased exponentially. AI algorithms require massive amounts of data to learn and improve over time, so data centres play a critical role in providing the necessary infrastructure to support the development of these technologies. By offering the storage and processing power needed to analyse vast amounts of data, data centres are essential in taking AI to the next level.

2. Accelerating AI development

AI development requires significant computing power and resources to train algorithms. With the help of data centres, developers can use machine learning frameworks to develop AI algorithms and train and test AI models quickly and efficiently.

3. Strengthening the security of AI

Data centres are designed with security in mind, featuring layers of protection, such as encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. As AI systems continue to process and store vast amounts of sensitive information, it becomes vital to secure this data to protect it from unauthorised access. Given the sensitivity of the data used in AI models, data centres play an essential role in ensuring that AI-driven applications follow security procedures and protocols. This results in safer, more reliable AI applications that businesses can trust.

4. Reducing carbon footprint

Data centres are becoming ever more environmentally conscious and are adopting sustainable practices to reduce their carbon footprints. With the power requirements of data centres on the rise, we are finding ways to minimise our energy consumption and carbon emissions, such as greener technologies and techniques such as virtualisation, energy efficient cooling, and optimised energy management to reduce our energy consumption.

Ultimately, the future of AI development will continue to require data centres to provide the necessary space, power and security for the effective development and deployment of AI systems. And even for those organisations who aren’t yet embracing AI in their day-to-day working practices, data centres are providing the platform for consolidating and transforming their IT estate and workloads to optimise operations and remain competitive in the digital age.

We have recently opened a new data hall at our London edge data centre and are embarking on the construction of an entirely new data centre facility at both our London edge and Manchester sites. If you’re thinking of migrating your IT off premise, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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