9th March 2023

Seeing is believing: What a data centre tour can uncover

More and more organisations are looking to colo to help them deal with greater demands on their IT infrastructure. A great colocation provider such as Datum can support all your goals through service offerings and pricing levels that meet your needs, flexible contracts, multi-level security and ongoing planned and preventative maintenance. And, most importantly, a strong and service-based approach to the relationship.

But not all colocation data centres are the same. Without seeing a data centre for yourself, it is hard to tell which providers will really live up to their promises. If you are considering entrusting your business critical IT to an off-premise colo provider, a visit to the facility is a crucial part of your fact-finding and is vital before committing to anything. Typically, potential clients want to meet the team, find out about the levels of service provided, confirm that the facility is tidy and well-organised and see the security processes in action. It is only possible to get the true grasp of these things with a visit to the facility and that’s why a tour of the facility is invaluable to help you uncover the reality of the service provision.

During lockdown, we had no choice but to switch from face-to-face tours to virtual ones. These proved successful and are still an option for those who cannot come to the facility for any reason. However, we are pleased to be able to offer face-to-face tours to allow our potential clients to get a real feel for our facilities.

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Why taking a tour of our facilites should be your priority

If you were buying a new home or office, you wouldn’t rely solely on the photos and sales literature - you get a much better feel for the place when you step inside the door and take a good look around. The same goes for an important decision like selecting an off-premise location for your business-critical IT:

Evaluate performance

Investigate the performance of our infrastructure, including the reliability and availability of the power and cooling systems, network connectivity and latency.

Get clarity on security protocols

When you’re thinking of housing your business-critical IT within the walls of our facility, the right grade of security is paramount - you’ll see how government grade security and surveillance operates at multiple points across our Farnborough facility, and find out about the NSI Gold Approved BS5979 security at our Manchester site. From the moment you enter our facilities, to the moment you leave, you’ll experience the rules and regulations to which we adhere to guarantee the security of our clients’ IT - physical security measures (e.g., access controls and surveillance systems) and digital security measures (e.g. firewalls and intrusion detection systems).

Perform a technical consultation

Standing in the data centre, taking a good look around and asking questions will give you a deeper view of the technical nitty gritty such as cabling, power and our energy-efficient adiabatic cooling. Meet with our technical experts who can provide guidance and answer any questions you may have about the migration process and identify potential issues and develop contingency plans to mitigate any risks.

Get a feel for the culture

The culture and ethos of your chosen data centre should be a key aspect in your choice of provider. By visiting our facility, you will get to see the locations and setting of our Farnborough and Manchester facilities, and you’ll get first-hand experience of how things work at Datum – our ethos, how the facility is maintained, the service levels you’ll receive and our accreditations and our code of conduct.

Meet the people you’re entrusting your business-critical IT to

Perhaps most importantly, you'll meet the staff at all levels. These are the people who will protect and support your infrastructure. We offer our clients much more than a property transaction and our team is crucial to our partnership approach to colocation, so meeting them in person will enable you to assess their capability and develop a relationship with them.

A site visit - in our clients' own words

"This is the best data centre I have seen."

"Extremely impressed by the site, the facility and the people."

"It definitely has the WOW factor."

Book a tour of our Farnborough or Manchester data centres now, or get in touch using our contact form, email us at or call us on 0333 202 3195 to find out more.

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