Logistics sector

Several conveyer belts moving packages in a logistics centre

Supporting digital fitness in logistics

  • Contract flexibility to meet changing needs
  • Direct interconnects to private and public clouds
  • Highly secure and resilient operation


The logistics sector is highly competitive, impacted by driver shortages, fluctuating fuel costs, spikes in demand driven by the increase in e-commerce (e.g. Black Friday, Cyber Monday) and international events such as Brexit. Changing customer expectations mean that companies in this sector are always striving to be faster, more flexible, and cheaper than their competitors.

The sector has experienced a number of technological developments such as shipment tracking systems, IoT for accurate in-transit visibility, autonomous trucks and drones and enhanced GPS accuracy. And it is likely that digital fitness will be a prerequisite for success due to the value of ever-increasing volumes of data, machine learning and AI for data analytics, cloud technology and blockchain, to drive improvements in performance and customer service.

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Real world experience

Datum’s proven platform for digital transformation and our cloud connected secure and resilient data centre have proved to be the right fit for our logistics clients.

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