Energy & utilities

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Supporting digital transformation projects

  • Highly resilient and secure operation
  • Supports accreditation and compliance demands
  • Contract flexibility to meet future needs

The energy and utilities sector is undergoing changes in patterns of supply and demand with competition arriving from new renewable sources and supplies. It is expected that traditional supply and demand patterns will be disrupted by new technologies such as energy storage (Tesla Powerpacks as an example) while digital technologies will transform operations – IoT, customer self-service through mobile apps, and smart contracts.

At the same time, the sector has to abide by government policies and regulations and to ensure they combat cybersecurity risks as energy assets become decentralised, smart and interconnected.

Digitisation has driven energy and utility organisations to review their IT infrastructure, undertaking digital transformation projects to increase competitiveness, efficiency and customer service.

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Real world experience supporting the energy sector

Discover how Datum’s proven platform for digital transformation and our cloud connected secure and resilient data centre proved to be the right fit for this major UK fuel supplier.

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