Construction & engineering

Construction and engineering

Proven platform for transformation projects

  • Phased two-stage transition to support digital transformation projects
  • IT security and resilience
  • Contract flexibility to meet future needs


The construction and engineering sector is a highly fragmented, data intensive, project-based industry involving lots of different professions and organisations that need to collaborate with one another using a host of different systems. This means that IT for the sector typically needs to support significant data sharing and processing requirements against a background of ever more complex, time-sensitive projects and very slim profit margins. Digitisation is a reality and organisations are increasingly adopting digital optimisation and transformation projects in order to help increase productivity, eliminate waste and mitigate the impact of foreseeable on-site problems.

Disparate IT systems spread around multiple locations and projects adds to the complexity. Datum has real world experience of working with partners to help organisations in this sector to tackle this transformation, allowing disparate IT estates to be consolidated into a certified facility and, where possible, workloads to be moved to hybrid cloud.

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Real world experience

The connectivity, security and resilience of Datum's data centre ensure a reliable platform for key IT projects while the energy efficient nature of the facility helps to align with the sector’s drive towards sustainability.

Discover why Datum was selected by a leading international infrastructure group to support their major digital transformation project.

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