Proactive disaster recovery planning with our active-active cloud platform

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The importance of data protection and management cannot be overstated, especially for businesses that rely heavily on technology.

Losing data can lead to disastrous consequences, including downtime, damage to reputations, and even lost revenues. And as businesses move more of their operations to the cloud, it becomes even more critical to have an effective backup and disaster recovery strategy in place to protect businesses and ensure that operations continue uninterrupted, even in the face of catastrophic events like natural disasters or cyber-attacks.

Backup versus disaster recovery

IT managers understand the importance of regular scheduled backups and how they help maintain data protection. However, backups (which take a long time to recover) alone may not be enough to protect your business – and this is where disaster recovery comes in. Over and above backups, it includes a comprehensive plan involving specific procedures for restoring and reinstating all the data and systems required for a business to function fully in case of a major outage or disaster.

This includes everything from hardware and applications to network connectivity and internet access to ensure that employees can continue their work without any disruptions. Disaster recovery for IT systems is not only vital for business continuity but also crucial for protecting sensitive customer information, securing reputation, and staying compliant with regulations.

The role played by our active-active cloud platform in disaster recovery

Our active-active cloud architecture transforms the resilience of cloud operations whilst introducing cost savings and operational peace of mind. It is based on a dual-site architecture, which reduces the risk of downtime by making it possible for your online assets to be served from separate, synchronised hosting environments at any given time.

Rather than being simply copied between sites, your data is sent to two hosts (one at each site) simultaneously when operations are performed, which means no data loss in the event of a data centre site failure. The data is written to the write cache tier, for optimum write performance, and provides a cost-effective and secure way of protecting your data and ensuring its availability. It offers a range of benefits to IT managers of small to large businesses, including rapid recovery times, full data restoration, and accessibility from anywhere.

With cloud-based backups, businesses can recover their critical data in no time, ensuring minimal to zero downtime. In this way, our active-active cloud platform plays a vital role in disaster recovery, maintaining continuous data availability across different regions, and assuring reliable business continuity. Systems are rapidly restored, and data is completely protected. This empowers businesses, giving them the flexibility to access their data from anywhere, anytime, with full redundancy, ensuring that they are always fully operational.

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