Introducing MAPS (Microsoft Azure Peering Service) from LINX

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Our Manchester site has been a LINX (London Internet Exchange) Manchester PoP since 2019 and as a LINX partner we’re pleased to be able to introduce you to the LINX MAPS (Microsoft Azure Peering Service). This service is accessible to any networks at Datum Manchester via a cross connect into LINX Manchester.

MAPS from LINX – a direct, robust and secure connection to Microsoft services

The Microsoft product suite plays an important role in the day-to-day running of many businesses. Disruption, latency issues and privacy concerns can affect the ability to meet the needs of staff or customers and ultimately affect productivity and your bottom line, so undisrupted access to modern digital infrastructure is vital.

MAPS (Microsoft Azure Peering Service) from LINX provides networks with a direct connection to any public Microsoft cloud services (Azure services, Office 365, Teams, Dynamics 365, or any other Microsoft services accessible via the public internet) by directly routing traffic through LINX’s resilient network fabric.

With MAPS, traffic enters and leaves the network through the nearest Microsoft Edge Point of Presence (PoP) location on the Microsoft Global Network, rather than via a public network. With public networks, data is bounced through an indeterminable number of connections, increasing the risk of latency issues, outages and security concerns. By routing directly through LINX, an official Microsoft delivery partner for MAPS, networks experience a low latency connection, reliable uptime, and advanced security that wouldn’t be possible via public internet connections.

How the LINX MAPS works

Enable MAPS in minutes – at MCR1 Manchester

Our Manchester data centre is a Point of Presence for LINX Manchester, which means that any of our clients that are also LINX members can enable the Microsoft Azure Peering Service on their connected ports in minutes. It can be ordered through a fully automated ordering process with self-service functionality in your LINX portal meaning that ordering to peering can be achieved in five minutes (for existing LINX connected networks).

There is also the option to opt-in to receive additional telemetry data and latency monitoring, and BGP route anomaly detection are also available.

Providing optimised and resilient connectivity

LINX MAPS enhances digital security and performance for enterprise cloud operations whilst minimising risks and ensuring continuity to provide peace of mind for you and your customers.

To find out more, get in touch with our Manchester team or visit the LINX website for further reading.