60 seconds with... Sam Spencer

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What was the first job role to land you on your tech career ladder?

This one!

Describe your typical day at Datum in no more than 20 words.

Collaborating with all departments to ensure the best possible communication with our clients.

Best thing about working in tech?

I learn something new every day.

Worst thing about working in tech?

Some of the technical jargon – where would I be without Google!?

Which one piece of technology could you not live without?


Which one piece of technology would you ditch into room 101?

Self-driving cars – this is only going to make people even worse at driving…

Best tech innovation of the last 12 months?

Broadly ‘tech’ (well, more ‘food tech’). The best innovation? Alpro yoghurts in more flavours – it’s great to finally have more of a choice!

Who’s your tech hero?

Will Wright creator of The Sims

Apple or Android?


What was your first ever games console, and your favourite game?

The Sega Megadrive and Streets Of Rage – I was always Axel and would constantly punch my teammate in the head for fun.

Describe the Datum team in three words

Welcoming, collaborative & knowledgeable

I couldn't help but notice the Alpaca in your photo...?

Yes, that’s Dave. We formed an attachment on a recent Alpaca walk but he’s too big to be a house pet so we had to end our friendship prematurely. I did think this might be an opportunity to beat Melissa Hagan on the big pet front, but it wasn’t to be, unfortunately.