Datum Foundation Package

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Datum offers highly secure and resilient colocation from a highly secure technology park in Farnborough. Datum clients benefit from complete peace of mind knowing that their key data is housed in a facility that is built and managed to ensure continuity of service, offering 100% uptime SLA to underline its reliability.

Datum is trusted by an impressive client list from both private and public sectors, serving vertical markets from finance and insurance through IT security services and defence, and including companies from the FTSE 250 and Fortune 500, all of whom place great value on the total colocation offering and the additional benefit to their installation provided by dedicated and proactive service management.

For smaller clients who are perhaps trialling colocation for the first time Datum has put together the entry-level Foundation Package, enabling you to benefit from the same premium facility.

Datum foundation infographic - perfect for organisations

Datum Foundation has been designed to help organisations to take their infrastructure off-premise into an environment that will protect it and support connectivity to cloud and multiple carriers as well as delivering direct connections to installed service providers. 

The package is perfect for organisations: 

  • With smaller capacity requirements
  • Who don't want to commit to a lengthy contract
  • Who handle sensitive and personal information that needs to be kept secure
  • Who are looking to control costs 
Datum foundation infographic - flexible colocation offering

Through the Datum Foundation Package, even companies with smaller capacity requirements can benefit from a premium facility at a lower price. It can deliver peace of mind in terms of security and guaranteed uptime, flexibility and the ability to control costs.

The package includes:

  • Single rack with power supply and bandwidth on a 12-month contract
  • Up to 3kW power and cooling
  • Minimal set up cost of £250 for standard deploy and competitive monthly charge of £600
  • Up to 100MB dedicated burstable IP transit included as standard
Datum foundation infographic - benefits

By taking advantage of the Foundation Package, the standard benefits which you can access include:

  • Locating and connecting your IT infrastructure within a state of the art facility
  • Government-grade security and 2N resilience
  • Environmental efficiency, low PUE
  • Support during your transition into the data centre
  • A go-to service manager for any support or assistance needed
  • Hot-desk facilities, on-park amenities and comfortable working environment
  • No hidden charges for deliveries, rubbish disposal, cables, etc.

Technical Details

In detail, the technical stuff you will need to know is:

  • 1 x 600mm x 1000mm 42U rack
  • 2 x tap off 32A single Ph feeds
  • 2 x standard non-locking PDU (C13/19 outlets)
  • Standard physical key locking only
  • 1 x brush strip floor tile and rack blanking provided
  • Max 3 kW per rack
  • 100MB dedicated burstable IP transit
  • 2 x  cross connects back to Datum MMRs
  • 12-month fixed contract
  • Pre-determined location
  • Datum standard terms and conditions

For more information about the Foundation Package, call us on 0333 202 3195 or email us on info@datum.co.uk

To discover more about Datum, including a virtual tour of our facility, visit the About Datum page.