Datum for the Enterprise

Datum is trusted by an impressive and growing client list of organisations from the private and public sectors, serving vertical markets from Finance and Insurance through IT Security Services, Defence and Engineering, and including companies from the FTSE 250 and Fortune 500.

A proven platform for digital transformation, Datum has a track record of supporting clients as they embark on revitalising their IT to meet market and competitive demands. Conveniently situated outside the high risk M25 zone, Farnborough is fast developing as a strategic London-edge data centre hub with a wealth of connectivity options throughout the UK and beyond to other client sites, connectivity hubs, the internet and public and private clouds.

Datum FRN1 has capacity for more than 1,000 colocation racks within a high security campus in Farnborough, employing environmentally efficient cooling and supporting high density computing to 30kW per rack as standard. Always on availability is supported by resilience in both design and operations underwritten by a 100% uptime SLA with helpdesk and remote hands services which are available 24x365.

Colocation for the enterprise

Business perspectives

There are many reasons why an organisation will decide to benefit from colocation (see Why Colocate), and many triggers that drive the process for each department.


Considerations that matter include the ability to move the costs of the data centre (not all of which will be apparent when the DC is in-house) from CapEx to OpEx, energy efficiency as represented in a data centre's PUE; clear pricing to enable budgeting; accreditations and security to support online payments and other transactions; and flexible contracts to support changes in the business environment.

Datum's facility uses environmentally efficient cooling to keep running costs low and is accredited to ISO 27001:2013, 50001, 9001, EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres, DCA Class 3 and is PCI DSS compliant.

Business Strategy

IT security...Hybrid computing...Business resilience...The connected enterprise...Business continuity. Colocation with Datum can play a foundational role in each of these business strategies.

From the highly secure and resilient data centre within the ListX secure park to the fast and direct internet and cloud connectivity, Datum offers a premium colocation solution to form a strong base on which Enterprise IT strategies can depend.

IT and Operations

The pressure on IT to deliver on a multitude of fronts, from infrastructure to cloud to business strategy, leads many IT Directors to outsource specific elements in order to allow their team to focus effort and skills on helping the business to drive forward. 

Maintaining and managing an efficient and effective data centre that will properly and reliable support the business requires significant ongoing investment and demands a different set of resources that sit between Facilities and IT. Outsourcing to Datum's secure and resilient colocation data centre enables the IT team to focus on the network and application layers whilst supporting business strategy, safe in the knowledge that their infrastructure resides in a premium quality, highly managed facility.

Focused service management and proactive reporting ensure the team are fully informed at all times about the performance of the data centre and the environment.

Enterprise client stories

Datum's enterprise clients, attracted by the secure location and Datum's comprehensive access controls, value our approach to client confidentiality. In keeping with that element of our service, all case studies included on this website are real but unattributed to ensure the anonymity of the featured organisation.

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Case study
A case study for a global multi-billion dollar diversified asset management firm

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