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Right now, corporate IT is under pressure from all areas to transform operations and deliver more agile solutions to meet competitive forces and to achieve key business objectives. Why? Advances in technology, digitisation, budgetary pressures, globalisation are combining to bring both challenges and opportunities to businesses of all sizes.

Due to these pressures, most companies are engaged in or contemplating IT transformation at either a tactical or strategic level and are increasingly seeking new hybrid delivery models as part of that process.

Colocation has a strong role in delivering a platform for those hybrid models – and Datum has a track record of supporting our clients throughout the transformation and of working with partners to deliver the bigger picture.

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Schematic of the Datum 2 phase approach

Two Phase Approach

Because dealing with the physical and virtual transformation as one project can be too complex – companies often approach this in 2 phases, Transition and Virtual Transformation with Consolidation.

Transition can involve decanting out of a variety of physical locations – all with their own challenges ranging from out of date mechanical and electrical infrastructure to the end of a lease. A key success factor our clients have called out is the element of a trusted partner and a data centre services landing zone which is set up to work alongside the changes you are adopting.

Datum has the right approach and the right credentials to be that key partner in your process providing both a staging post for the physical transition and a core component of the likely outcome of a hybrid IT strategy.

  • Datum provides a trusted landing zone to decant all workloads and apps enabling you to take stock, ready to sort and shift as the project develops
  • Datum’s cloud and carrier connectivity cuts lead times and costs in developing the hybrid solution you design, with built-in flexibility to reduce your data centre footprint over time

A proven platform for digital transformation

For an example of how Datum supports clients with a flexible and proactive this case study about a technology transformation project recently undertaken by a leading international engineering firm explains how they managed the transition, as well as touching on all the benefits you’re likely to get in more detail, including:

  • The ability to flex both up and down over the lifetime of the contract in terms of power
  • A similar ability to flex up and down over the lifetime in terms of space and footprint
  • Short term access to additional space and power when required (in this case for a virtualisation project)
  • Access to multiple cloud platforms and carriers

Crucially, it also provides insight – direct from a client – about the level of service and support you should be able to expect from your colocation partner during the transition.

For more information on how Datum can support your transformation projects, call us on 0845 568 0123, or email us at

Download the Guide to Embarking on a Digital Transformation Journey

Taking on any digital transformation project can be a significant challenge. Our guide will help you decide where to start, and gives practical advice on how to ensure that the transition is seamless - includes a success story from one of our international clients

Guide to digital transformation